Greenhouse Update – The Beginning of FAWN

Greenhouse Update - The Beginning of FAWN

It’s been a while since my last update. The garden plot is done. I shut it down. The greenhouse is under some modifications, trials, and is also under attack. The bad. Spider mites have decimated my beans and other areas too. It’s ok though. I fought them back with soapy water and rinsing, but they appear to be coming back. The fortex beans never recovered. I did learn with the beans that it is easily doable. Squash trial. Definitely doable as well. They grow up well and do great even after cutting most of the leaves off. I am having some issues pollinating them. I think more male flowers from more plants later on should resolve that. A progress in the works. I’m trialing growing corn in a compact platform to see if I can get them to produce–18 stalks in one 18-gallon tote. I doubt it’ll be successful, but you never know. Can you cut leaves off of cabbage and grow really close together? Heck, I don’t know, but giving it a go. FAWN is a winner for me. I’m converting all platforms to it. FAWN is an acronym I came up with that stands for flowing, aerated, wicking, nutrient. It combines aspects of both SWCs and hydroponics. It is neither of them and both of them. Every time I try to label it, I can’t lean closer to one side over the other. Thanks to the side-by-side trials, I have adopted what I consider the best of both worlds. The peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more are thriving. The best part is it’s more passive, cheaper, safer, and easier. What I’m trying to do is gather as much information as I can before we go on vacation in October because I have to shut the greenhouse down completely. When I resume operations next year or even later this year (we’ll see), I want to put those lessons to the test. Ultimately, I want to create a year-round garden where we can dip into the greenhouse as we need to for whatever we need. I don’t want to freeze a bunch of veggies and I definitely don’t want to get back into canning. I’m not concerned if I fail though as this is mainly a hobby. We make enough to hit the markets if we want as a backup. As a matter of fact, once it becomes a serious venture, I’ll quit. It’s all fun for me. I really want to get you guys talking and sharing ideas. Please feel free to subscribe and leave comments ok. _______________________________________

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