Grafting 4-Pear Tree – 2d Year Update & Re-Grafting

Grafting 4-Pear Tree - 2d Year Update & Re-Grafting

The 4-pear tree turned into a 2-pear tree last year with high winds tearing out the successful grafts I’d made. Here is a link to that video showing the damage,, and the original grafting video, I just can’t stand that I was beaten by mother nature so I re-graft again this year and do a follow up on the state of all the grafting still growing.

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  1. I would try T-Budding that Comice to some year old shoots. I'm no expert but I think you would have much better results. I think T-Budding makes the strongest grafts too.

  2. Cool thank you. I have 3 apple root stock trees growing. I should have grafted on to them 3 years ago. I will now do multiple grafts on them. Thank goodness I watched this, as I was going to just chop off all the top wood, I will need some left on to feed the tree. I grafted an apple tree years ago, but moved before it fruited, this time it will be on our own place, can't wait to get started now.

  3. Thank you for the videos I planted two "5 gallon" sized Bradford pears and a small moonglow I received as a gift this spring. I never would have know you could graft to a Bradford but now I'm going to try next spring. Thanks again.