Garden Hacks 101 | Growing Plants in a Pool Noodle

Garden Hacks 101 | Growing Plants in a Pool Noodle

This is how I get my pak choy (pak choi) ready to transplant into my downspout grower with pool noodles. Although the grow boxes are off grid, this set up does have a small fountain pump. It runs continuously and I keep pak choy growing almost all the time so that I always have a new crop to put back into the gutter garden as soon as I harvest.

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  1. Growing some greens seemed a fun and exciting new challenge to take on. My husband wasn't very keen to it, until I showed him your videos. He says you're like the Bob Ross of hydroponics and make everything look so easy and achievable with simple instructions delivered in a soothing calm voice. So now, thanks to you, we are watching more videos and thinking of how to implement this in our lifes. I've started with a tiny container using the kratky method growing wheat grass for the cats. It works and they love it. 🙂

  2. Okay, this is super cool I am definitely going to have to try this with the pool noodle that has been lying around my house unused for the past 5 years. 🙂 I just subscribed, and I look forward to more learning opportunities. Thank you, and stay safe!

  3. So awesome! Thanks for this simple, I expensive idea. I searched for a video instructing me in how to make the water lines and connect several sections of 4” pipe but chose to watch your video instead. I have been very sick for a couple of years and though I’m so excited to garden outdoors but am looking for a way to grow indoors or at least farther away from the ground due to slugs! Your ideas are so helpful to folks! We can grow our own food!☺️

  4. Hi Mike! Love your videos! Could we get a video on the top 5 plants you like to grow in the downspout? I'm curious which would be ideal considering the size.

  5. that's cool! to aquaponic the seed with nutrients from waste from fish tank. actually i am doing the same way as you, use the water circulation from my catfish pool, and i dont need any other nutritions for the plants! and i get double harvest, from the plants and fish!

  6. Hi, I tried kratky method. But suddenly all leaves are gone eaten by rat. Give me suggestion please. The rats are too many and big tho

  7. Dogs always seem to go after a squirrel when we aren’t expecting it. Like on the leash with a full coffee in our hands. Or maybe that is just me. Nice hydro video. I could not see but was the plug just sitting in water that you fertilize in the blue box, did the blue box have a pump too?

  8. Mike, I have learned so much watching your videos and am growing lettuces using kratsky inside and outside. Question: why is an aquarium tank necessary. Wouldn’t it work with two plastic tubs, one on top of the other and a aquarium pump in lower tub both rigged up as you show here?

  9. Where do you buy the speeds? You need a lot of seeds to grow micro greens. Where did you get the music?

    You’re tomato looks tiny and weak! Try getting some black five gallon buckets to grow tomatoes. You can get bucket tops with a built in 6 inch net pot. Then drill holes in the top of the bucket cover to hold the tomato cage. Grow with the three part Masterblend mix. I have hydroponic tomato plants that are six feet high that are six times larger than the soil based tomato plants.


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