For the Haters, the Naysayers, the Disbelievers…Anyone Can Grow

For the Haters, the Naysayers, the Disbelievers...Anyone Can Grow

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  1. Mike it really doesn't matter what anyone says my friend. My wife and I watched your videos and followed your advice to the letter from building our containers all the way to building and transplanting our seedlings into the pool noodles and down spouts. We had a bumper crop of Bok Choy out here and the arid Texas Hill country. If we can do it out here anyone that really wants to can make it happen. We have now built ourselves a greenhouse with a series of Dutch buckets in it that will be planted next spring following the advice of CB's Greenhouse and Garden. Yes sir it's an investment in ourselves to brighten our future and feed ourselves. God bless you, CB & Renee for all you guys do to spread your knowledge. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

  2. Kudos to a fellow Kratky grower! Although, I am more of a fill and forget Kratky gardener, I still get plenty of "put an air stone in it" or "change your nutrients" comments. Large harvests and healthy plants on nothing but tap water and nutrient, and I can't quit smiling.

  3. I am trying an idea that may work using the pool noodles, already cut to size and ready to insert in the holes of the downspout, BUT, using a zip tie around the noodle insert and packing the small hole in the noodle with wet peat or coco coir or soil and compress it down very tightly, then plant your seeds directly into the noodle piece. Float the noodle in water in a shallow container until the roots form, then put it directly into the holes of the downspouts. No need for a separate seed starting process, but a one time plant and grow. Based on the material you use, the soil may fall down into the water, but it seems like it would work. I have used dry seed peat discs before with great luck. Maybe something someone can experiment with to see if it is practical and will work for them. Just started one for a test.

  4. what? your method works actually there are alot of channels like yours and ive read books on kratky but youtube promoted your channel to me and saw your pool noodle and downsprout kratky i did not succeed on my 1st try since im living in tropical and very humid area till i succeeded and start growing lettuce tomato and herbs etc. watching your weird videos i started recycling and using containers and put it on kratky even using beer bottles 🤣 thank u bro🤘

  5. Man, I wish my son and I had the resources to do what you're doing Mike! Getting sick, literally sick, and tired of barely existing off of bare basic junk from a local food bank and convenience store. Don't even have the resources to go to a real store any more.
    I guess when you're dirt poor, you're just that, dirt poor. Still have a roof over our heads. For the moment.

  6. i Mike, Ive had great success growing lettuces to double their size and in one night they get eaten by snails and slugs. We have a dog that eats every thing and dont wont kill her with baits. What is your secret with pests.

  7. Yep, right with you brother, so many ways to grow fresh food! Keep it rolling my friend!😀. *BIG THUMBS UP!*. Any chance of coming to one of my live shows soon?

  8. I absolutely love your setup! I have never grown lettuce until I found your channel and you taught me how to make my own rails.
    I’ve helped my mom make her some and started her some lettuce to go into them. You are an excellent teacher. Thank you for sharing !

  9. Mike you very very great.Just one Q. it is do you have a video about keep ants,insects.snails and caterpillar how to keep them under control.Hey I thank you I learned from you how to grow microgreens, I just ordered 500lbs.of seeds,peans you name it.
    Thank you again you make my day.
    Warm Regards Stay safe 😉


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