Food Grade Grow Boxes are here! | DIY Hydroponics

Food Grade Grow Boxes are here! |  DIY Hydroponics

Food Grade Grow Boxes are here! | DIY Hydroponics

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  1. This is something I'd like to start on. I think I'm going to get a couple BUT from what I'd been watching on youtube about hydroponics darker-colored grow boxes work best as they don't attract algae. Your input please.

  2. New subscriber here! Just ordered my grow boxes and super excited to learn more about hydroponics and growing my own food! Thank you so much for the valuable content you provide. With gratitude and many blessings to you!

  3. I've learned so much from you, Mike! Thank you. Earlier this year I started growing food indoors and the Krakty method is by far my favourite way. My biggest hurdle right now is finding vegan hydroponic nutrients. I have found some but am wondering if Masterblend is vegan too. Do you know? I've emailed them and tried to find the answer online without success. Again thank you very much for being so generous with your experience and wisdom!

  4. As man, I just ordered two more sets of down sprouts (BOGO, so 4 total). I wish I would have seen these first! Are those large enough to handle tomato or pepper plants? I know the down sprouts can't. Darn, I was all excited to get more spouts, now I'm all bummed out. I should have bought those.

  5. Hey there Mike, nice to see you rolling out the new food safe containers. With Covid-19, there are a lot of people wanting to grow some easy greens at home.


Food Grade Grow Box is finally here!

Food Grade Grow Box is finally here!