Fast Growing Greens!! / Easy DIY hydroponics

Fast Growing Greens!! / Easy DIY hydroponics

We are setting up some more downspouts to get a lot more baby greens going! Easy DIY hydroponics

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Mike, my seedlings are very leggy. How long do I need to leave them on the growing medium before putting in solution? The roots dont look very well formed. I didnt plant a lot of seeds in each one so they dont have neighbors to lean on.

  2. Every time you show those downspout my brain kicks into gear how I want to use those. I'm ready for the pepper season to officially get kicked into gear so I can start with some of these things we want to do for ourselves. once all the plants are planted out it's just maintaining them till harvesting so I'll have some free time. lol. At least I hope.


Hot Water Seed Treatment:  Germination Trial

Hot Water Seed Treatment: Germination Trial

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