Extending the Broccoli Harvest

Extending the Broccoli Harvest

Took a cue from the Kale I grew for well over a year. Can you continue to harvest Broccoli once the main head has been removed, and if so, for how long? Well, this is the progress to date.

Pots used in FAWN:
Float Valve Used in Reservoir:
1/4″ Tubing used in watering:
Top Hat Grommets used in watering:
Greenhouse Shade Cloth:
Water Pump for system:


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  1. What type hydroponic system are you using to put your broccoli in? Is it flood and drain or deep water culture? I would like to do something like this. Also, where did you get the growbed and the top where you put your net cups? I have been looking for a rectangular container like this that doesn't cost $700. I find that most of the commercial companies sell containers this size for about that and I'm looking for a less expensive alternative. Do you find yours someplace else or do you get it from one of the hydrponics companies?

  2. I harvested all my broccoli a couple of weeks ago and have gotten some florets as well but thankfully haven't taken the out yet. So you're saying I'll get more florets if I trim them back? Been wanting to try cooking some leaves anyway.

  3. Hello Brent, my Broccoli went to seed very quickly and I picked them anyway, they were so good so after watching this update I will be picking some of the leaves off to open the plant up and hopefully get even more side shoots, thankyou for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    🌱Happy Gardening my friend, Terry.


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