Everything’s $1, Growing Microgreens

Everything's $1, Growing Microgreens

Growing expensive microgreens with objects you can get for $1 or less! Easy DIY hydroponics. No pumps, no aeration, no weeding, composting or tilling!

Check out Stevie Dub and Who is Heartbreak’s new video on YouTube:
Filmed by: Stevie Dub, Who Is Heartbreak, & Unorganized & Lost
Edited by: Unorganized & Lost & Can’t Stop Productions

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Great channel. I tried making one of these containers but I find the Blue roll of cloths (shop towel) from dollarama doesn't wick the water up 🙁

    Edit: Sorry, noticed they are more like heavy duty paper towels you are using and not the J Cloths. I'll grab some of those!

  2. Really nice start at the new place, I like the rack and microgreen / sprout station. Your wife's painting definitely sets the mood too. Can't wait to see the brand new gutter setup too. How often do you change out your wick material? Super convenient to have a roll of it ready to use. Where did you find that, and is it just shop towel?


types of shrimp in MY

types of shrimp in MY

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