Endive Microgreens Grown on Screen

Endive Microgreens Grown on Screen

My version of growing endive microgreens. Endive is a member of the chicory family and has a crisp texture and ever so slightly sweet taste similar to a very nice lettuce–pleasantly mild. IHG is “Intense Hydroponic Grows”, the name of my book, can grow everything I’ve ever tried without the fuss of dealing with soil and the costs associated with it.

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MY BOOK ON MICROGREENS. If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” aka The IHG Method:
Black & White Paperback Version –
Color Paperback Version –
Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

Color Version:
Black & White:
Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

FOOD GRADE SCREENS.  Food-grade screens to grow microgreens. If you would like to purchase them, email me. Here’s my video on the screens:

SUPER ANTIFUNGAL.  The Super Antifungal is designed for use with microgreens. I also sell the concentrate.  4 ounces makes 2 gallons and you can email me for pricing as well as find it here in my video along with the recipe for the DIYer:

TRUE LEAF MARKET SEEDS. I am an affiliate of True Leaf Market and recommend them highly for great quality microgreen seed. Won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but it does help support the channel so I can keep bringing you content. You can reach True Leaf Market here for all your seed needs:

BOOTSTRAP FARMER TRAYS: I am an affiliate of Bootstrap Farmer, the trays I’ve been using for years. They are awesome and heavy duty. :O) It won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but again, it does help support the channel. Your tray needs can be reached at:

MARS-HYDRO LED LIGHTING. If you need high quality LED grow lighting, I’ve trialed Mars-Hydro and really like their lights! You will receive a 3% discount, if you use my HGMB code, over their regular pricing! Mars-Hydro Website:

MY STORE ON AMAZON. Everything I use for gardening, I try to put in my store including all my microgreen and hydroponic stuff. So, when I talk about anything that interests you and you think, “Hummm, where can I get that?” Well, it’s all right here, you pay nothing extra for using it, and it’s always updated! Please check out my store here:

As an Amazon affiliate, if you click on one of the product links or my amazon storefront, I do receive a small commission. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t add a penny to your purchase price! Thank you for the support!

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  1. A few questions please. What greens are safe for dogs? What greens can you eat the roots too? Its there a reason you cut and not just pull the greens off the screen? I have alfalfa and mung sprouts in jars, I can't compost and am trying for zero waste or close to it. Are there any more that work good in jars?

  2. Hey Brent, A friend just told me you can grow sunflowers from hulled seeds. Can you try it and see if it really works? I don't have any trays yet, still waiting for seeds in the mail. I have alfalfa sprouts in jars and mung beans are next!

  3. I use an old gift card to scrape my screens I feel plastic on plastic is much gentler. Then clip my screen onto a cookie/bread cooling rack outside then blow the hell out of it with the jet setting on my garden hose nozzle….its basically a power washing setting and it blows everything off in like 7 seconds with out having to touch anything. Then I dry screen and trays out in sun as first stage antibacterial. For half a day…then go inside and dip trays and screen in a bleach soak. Then put them away for next use… great. Great video. I really wonder how lettuce seed would do in this system now.

  4. Is the Super Antifungal the seeds only water source during the Germination stage….or do you mist them any other time with just water?

    And do you ever rinse outside too aswell or is that just with sunnies?



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