End of the Road

End of the Road

I have spent so much time and literally blood, sweat, and tears brining these seedless, parthenocarpic tomatoes into existence. These 5 tomatoes, and their meaning, were a significant emotional event for me.
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  1. So, the normal commercial way this is done is to either:

    1/ Sell seeds, that when grown, produce no seeds in the fruit/vegetable (or no seeds that are viable) so that the grower must always come back to the company selling the seeds;
    2/ Sell seeds along with a contract that the grower must sign stating that the grower will not plant (or allow) any subsequent seeds from the fruit/vegetable to be spouted. This is known as "plant breeders rights". Take a look at how Monsanto do it with Roundup Ready Soy, Corn & Cotton seeds as an example.

    You will need to either do one of the above, or else sell the seeds you have produced to a commercial seed company (who will then themselves do one of the above), preferably with a royalty option agreed, such that you receive a small return for every seed sold in the future.

    Remember the advantages you have bred into your seeds are:

    A/ No pollination required. This is great for protective cropping where no natural pollinators may be present & where no human intervention is required (ie manual vibration of flowers) to ensure fruit set;
    B/ Increased production as every flower will produce fruit;
    C/ Fruit production will not be reduced in adverse weather conditions such as too hot, too cold, too much humidity etc;
    D/ Fruit production will not be reduced when folliar sprays or fertilisers need to be applied.

    I think the above pretty much wraps up your options Brent.

    You have put a tremendous amount of work into this, so everyone here on your channel is wishing you all the best.

  2. Its still a major success, I have learned so much from your series…perhaps a break, clear your head, remember that nature takes its time with all things, and wait for that sign from her that says, 'go ahead and try for a few more seasons' …why not? You will always grow things until you cannot….so keep trying. If a Sugar Baby watermelon can be developed with no/minimal seeds, your tomato is on the horizon, no? Love you, waiting to see what you do next!




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