Easy Kratky Lettuce: Planting to Harvest

Easy Kratky Lettuce:  Planting to Harvest

Here’s my first-time version of Kratky using move-able and re-purposed containers. I’m very pleased with the outcome during the winter months especially. I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I love Ginger dressing. This is my recipe with out measurements because I do not measure. I first make a ginger syrup, you can google that. Take ginger syrup balsamic vinegar and avocado oil as it does not solidify when in the frigde. I love it on my microgreens /spring mix salad with fruit. Easy simple clean eating with out all the junk.

  2. Great video, very instructive and informative …
    Just apart from : how big are those containers, I mean how many cl. / gallons can they contain ?
    many thanks for and please keep up the good work

  3. This is supposed to have any dirt in it you’re supposed to use fiber fill Not dirt this is not supposed have any dirt in it whatsoever I never use dirt I use the little round beads I don’t remember what they’re called but I did get them at the garden center and their terra-cotta pots that are turned into round beads and you put your plants in your sapling and then you put the beads around it and you stick it in the water works just fine

  4. My wife, my daughter, and myself – we all drink coffee and go through quite a bit of creamer. I've been using the empty creamer containers to store nuts, bolts, small parts, etc. I never thought about using them for Kratky setups. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Wow…. I really enjoyed your video… I love the fact that you insert your potting mix into your 3" net cup. I would of never thought of that. I usually just put dirt into a cup and place another cup with the nutrients.. and what separates both cups is the Rocks that is at the bottom of the second cup. Thank you For Sharing.

  6. For me, I found drilling a pilot hole for the hole saw really made a difference – no kick back to speak of and it won't skip. It was skipping and I ended up with a hole that wasn't smack dap in the middle of the lids.

  7. Snagged 2 coffee containers from work to let my daughter grow some greens. Thank you for the detailed tutorial, this has helped. How much nutrient did you add?

  8. Just found your channel, great work! I'm here in NW La. and have been doing the Kratky lettuce for 3 yrs with great success, I've used several types of container, the coffee and creamer cans but also the 1 gallon milk/water jugs. Though you can get some algae in the unwrapped cans, but it dosen't seem to harm the plants and some of these containers are 3 years old, the milk jugs need to be painted or wrapped (I use small trash bags). I use 2" netcups, and start my seedlings in 1.5 grodan cubes then move to the solution in about 2 weeks, then harvest 30-35 days depending on varieties(romaine:fusion/coastal star and butterhead: red cross/adriana ) and season. Lately I've been using the 2'x3' plastic mortar mixing pans from Home Depot w/1"foam or 1/2" plywood tops (6 plants/per) and this works well for longer growing plants like pak choy/tatsoi/swiss chard and cabbages due to the extra volume of the solution. Sorry for being long winded, many thanks.

  9. Gidday Brent. I love the recycled container net cups. All gardeners can learn a lot from Hydroponic systems. I know I surely have, including today.
    All the best from Australia

  10. Hello Brent, I am doing something similar next year and I hadn't thought of the light getting through the containers and forming algae and pick and grow lettuce will be a good trial using my home made liquid plant foods.

    ❄Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you and your family, Terry King.

  11. Please post the recipe I’m addicted too! Nice greens. I grow kratky lettuce chard and cilantro in my shop building under lights so I don’t have to fight the bugs in Ga winter….what winter right? I grow the spinach kale green onions and carrots in my greenhouse since bugs do almost no damage to those. Love your videos. Thanks to guys like you and MPH Gardener I’m doing things I never thought possible. Keep up the great work.


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