Easy Hydroponics / Don’t try this at home!

Easy Hydroponics / Don't try this at home!

Easy DIY hydroponics. You probably do not want to give this a try. I get a lot of people asking if they can increase the amount of nutrients that you put into your hydroponics system. Today we are going to put it to the test.

I also have a small eBook to help beginners. This helps me to continue to make content for this channel.

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Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent
Fernster Farm Greenhouse

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Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Good evening Mike I am trying the down spout system and I have a question. I live in Savannah Ga and the heat is bad and the humidity is a killer. Is that going to hurt my down spout? Do I have to keep it in the shad?

  2. You are the reason I have decided to go with growing hydroponically. I had no choice but to leave my property and now I have to rent. It's been very depressing not to be able to do what I love so much! I may never be able to have everything I did, but I can at least have something, which is more than nothing. Thank you for explaining the way you do, it has helped me a lot. I have watched a lot of your videos and I really enjoy them!

  3. Mike,
    I love your videos. Can you do a video of your garden’s layout? I want to see what I can potentially do with my own garden. How do you layout the downspouts? How do you support them? Thanks

  4. You are truly amazing, your pureness and honesty is unreal I am glad you don't have many views or subscribers because this is a jackpot once people see what you're doing at a low price I'm not going to be able to communicate with you anymore, I'm just going to be another subscriber lost in the pile of million subscribers. 😆 which is something you eventually would want but I am glad I got you at the peak of your growth on YouTube so I get to enjoy the pure and honesty from you. if you understand what I'm trying to make out of my words. I truly appreciate what you're doing.

  5. Your the MAN Mike 😃🖒👍.. what a fantastic vid. Im in shock !!
    Do you miss your old place?
    Really looking forward to seeing the results of the tomatoes.
    Blown away by your creativity!. Thank you man for all of your inspiration! Absolutely love our community 🌱🌱🌻

  6. You won me with the Green tree frog Mark,,love those. That's so funny with the Tomatoes. Maybe go for determinate Cherry Tomatoes just a few instead. short stocky, don't need stakes, or strings.
    Just an idea for the punters to try. Probably need to be grown in pots though.
    Good luck with the formula changes and getting some more Toms
    What your doing is really cool, so helpful for your viewers.
    All the Best from Australia
    Marty & Karin
    ps: Thanks again for the end thread,,,inspirational plug. I plan to give you a shout out soon to help those who want to grow more in hydroponics.
    pps: Hows the Kangkong coming along, will there be a video for that Mike? As I would love to shoutout for that one and show subscribers how your growing this one.


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