Easy Hydroponics DIY

Easy Hydroponics DIY

Hydroponics the easy way. I have a small hydro set up with basil, kale and collards. Everything else is in off grid non circulating hydroponics comparable to the Kratky system. I am also going to try General Hydroponics MaxiGro instead of the Masterblend formula.

General Hydroponics Nutrients:

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. I bought a cabbage and tried this and it died. My tomatoes purchased at the same time are doing great though. I washed off the dirt on the cabbage and put in the solution. What do you think I did incorrectly?

  2. Trying to find a good fertilizer in Australia.. may I ask you to take a photo of the nutrient guide on the back of the maxi-blend packets? 🤔


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