Easy Hydroponic Tomatoes

Easy Hydroponic Tomatoes

Easy Hydroponic Tomato
How to grow hydroponic tomatoes, the easy way. In our previous video we showed you how to plant Roma tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets with net cup lids. We also placed some in our small NFT system. Here is how they did.

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  1. Is there any possibility of us poor folk using some form of natural liquid fertilizers made from local resources, in place of these expensive store bought or ordered nutrients in a kratky hydroponic system???
    Not trying to make a joke, I'm serious.

  2. I'm Ditri Tegara from Indonesia, I'm learning to grow vegetables and fruit at home. Please help with corrections or comment if there is something wrong on my channel, because your comments really help me when I am learning to plant, thank you 🙏

  3. Heavy rain, especially when preceded by dry weather, is the leading cause of fruit cracking and splitting in tomatoes. … Cracking and splitting occur when rapid changes in soil moisture levels cause fruits to expand quicker than the tomato skin can grow.

  4. Mike – I have air roots beneath where you have the hole (at net cup bottom level). Sounds like I need to NOT keep my 5 gallon 3/4 full? I had to do some heavy watering as two of my containers took off outside and had significant growth practically emptying the bucket!!!!!! Hoping they make it 🙂

  5. Hi Mike, Love what you are doing here. I trying to grow tomatoes, Zukes and peppers, Kratky method to start. I have the master blend kit with calcium and epsom salts. For a 5 gal home depot bucket, what measurement of water and nutrients are you using. Also, do you use a PPM meter? I find I have some fruit and flowers but they don't seem to be progressing. Do you change out your water at all?

  6. Hi, so I'm new to gardening and currently I am doing it the traditional way but I would like to slowly transition into Hydroponic gardening and I have a tomato plant with some decent sized suckers and I want to grow them the way you did and I was wondering, do I just put the suckers straight into the nutrient solution, or do I do something else to wait for the roots to grow because currently they don't have any roots

    PS. I just cut them off and they are sitting in a cup of water right now

  7. Your tomato plants are pretty small! I start my tomato plants from seeds. Start the seeds and move the small seedling to “root riots”. The small “root riot” tomato plants grow larger in an old rotisserie plastic containers on half strength Masterblend three part nutrient. When the tomato plants get larger, I put the “root riots” in 3” net pots with clay pebbles. Then the 3” net pods grown in a rectangular grow tray like yours.

    When the tomato plants get larger, I transplant them 3” net pots into five gallon black buckets with 6” net pot covers like yours. I drill four holes in the top of the bucket cover and install a round four leg tomato cage in each five gallon bucket. The tomato plants grow to a height of about six feet, higher than the top of the tomato cage. The top half of the 6” net pot cover is filled with rock pebbles because clay pebbles are too weak to hold the large tomato plants.

    I start with RO water. The Masterblend, calcium nitrate, and epsom salt is mixed in 32 gallon barrels with 84 grams Masterblend, 84 grams calcium nitrate, and 42 grams epsom salt. I add 30 ml of General Hydroponics pH up for a pH of 6.

    If you try growing the tomatoes using DWC instead of Kratky, you’ll see a huge difference in growth. The air stones and air pump makes a huge difference! Starting with the RO water can help prevent nutrient lock out from what I’ve heard.

    I tested growing the same tomato plants with and without air, and there’s a huge improvement when you use air. The other difference using air is you can completely top off the buckets with nutrient, and totally submerge the roots. The roots will not rot! My larger tomato plants consume 2-1/2 gallons of nutrient per day on a hot and sunny day, and over a gallon on a cool and cloudy day. You should try it!

    I also put some of the extra tomato plants in soil. I periodically feed the soil tomato plants with the hydroponic nutrient. The hydroponic tomato plants are about six times bigger, at least, than the soil grown tomato plants. My small soil based tomato plants look like your hydroponic tomato plants!

    I think if you added air for your tomato plants, you’d be shocked at the difference in growth! Try it, and you’ll have another video you can post!

  8. Those tomatoes look perfect. About how tall do the plants grow? And about how many tomatoes did you yield per plant? I have two 2×4 tents that are 5ft high…I'm excited!😃

  9. thanks for sharing this. I have two questions, how much(kg) tomatoes can will you get from this single plant? And how long does it live? Does it live as long as you refill the reservoir?


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