Easy hydroponic tomatoes / DIY Hydroponics

Easy hydroponic tomatoes / DIY Hydroponics

Cheap Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems / How to grow hydroponic tomatoes / Urban Gardening
So ,we pretty much have growing leafy greens in non circulating containers down pat, now let’s try some tomatoes. Off grid growing, carefree, set it and forget it.

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  1. Great video! Question on the bucket. I am starting seedlings inside and once roots started I plan to transfer to mason jars and then outside in 5 gal. I wanted to get food safe buckets but you mentioned elsewhere that the white buckets may cause algae issues. I sure dont want to add black toxic paint to the outside. Are there food safe black buckets even available? Thanks so much

  2. New at this… Does the expense of all the equiptment ever level out with the amount of yield for the home grower (not commercial??? Feeling a little overwhelmed at what Ive spent so far!

  3. Can you transplant into a bigger bucket after tomato plant has been growing or do you need to start and keep it in a large bucket to begin with. Started seedlings inside but want to try a small setup first and then put it into a larger setup. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance


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