Easy Diy Hydroponics / Stuff happens / Garden destroyed

Easy Diy Hydroponics / Stuff happens / Garden destroyed

I was away for 4 days and my Hydroponic garden was destroyed by peacocks! What a mess and now I have to start over. Hundreds of dollars of vegetables down the drain! Hope you guys are having a better start to the week than me. Easy DIY hydroponics.

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  1. Hey Duzee, thanks for your vids. Learned a lot. Sorry for the wipeout. I noticed you are just open air and not in a greenhouse. Do you use any pesticides either conventional or organic?

    I just finished erecting a 10 x 20 greenhouse and I'm putting much of what I learned from you to work. I was also wondering if you tried sealing the downspouts the other way to allow for more root depth?

    Keep cranking out the vids and keep growing…




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