Easy DIY Hydroponics Live Q & A

Easy DIY Hydroponics Live Q & A

This is an informal “get to know each other” livestream. I will be answering questions as well as asking what you want to see in future videos. If this stream goes well, I will be having guests on future shows so you can pick their brains too,

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CB’s Greenhouse and Garden

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  1. Okay Mike,,,, great community you have here,,,, great first live 👍👍😁😁✌️,,,,, Cya tomorrow,,, unless I'm depressed 😭….hopefully not 😁😁👋👋✌️

  2. one more question think I didn't have scale on right setting think I doubled master blend I a gallon jug but haven't added to five gallon bucket should I just add half a gallon of master blend

  3. Hello Mr. VanDuzee! Thank you for all of your inspirational videos. I plan to buy your ebook probably tonight, time allowing. I've been using the Kratky method for a while along with Dutch Bucket. I bought downspouts last night to add to my setup. My biggest question is what do you do with the leftover hydroponic solution?

  4. Thanks for the mention Mike. I carried Professor Kratky's talk on my channel for awhile since Professor Kratky had no YouTube presence at that time. It had around a quarter million views. When Professor Kratky got his own YouTube channel, I moved the video to his channel. After trying tilled gardens, raised beds, square foot gardens, self watering containers, wicking systems, deep water culture, and more, I reached out to the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center for information on non-circulating hydroponics. Their director pointed me to Professor Kratky, who was most kind in providing me his research papers and giving me tips as I went to 100% Kratky style gardens.

  5. This is great! Already starting my first hydroponics garden! I have found some local people who have been doing this for a while! I have no doubt now that I can succeed!

  6. I will be teaching a class on seed starting Tuesday. I have made a bunch of self-watering micro-greens containers for the class. I hope more people will subscribe to your channel after the class!

  7. Thank you so much for your continued advice I find it important to continue advice I find it continually important to continue the conversation with others so that we can better learn from eachother with all of our different abilities.


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