Easiest way to start your plants! DIY hydroponics

Easiest way to start your plants! DIY hydroponics

Checking the microgreens that we planted a few days ago. Time to pull the covers off and let them grow. In about a week, we will be transferring them to the downspouts. It is still quite warm, but we are going to try to grow some greens. I know, they look a little thin, but these are going in the downspout in about a week.

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  1. Hello I am a big fan of your videos nice music too.👍
    Could you please tell what's the best fertilizer blend to use for Elephant ears plant. Will that grow in Kratky method? Also known as Arbi or Advi in south Asia.

  2. Hi Mike newbie hydroponic grower here….Planters are in the works and I’m wanting to get seedlings started. I can’t find any deep top plastic containers like the ones you used in this video. Can you tell me where you got them I looked in your Amazon store and didn’t see any there

  3. Do you have any issues growing outside in the Summer months with this method? I live in Houston so my climate is pretty much identical to yours. I just started watching your content and want to get started myself….bought your Ebook and have been watching your videos. Trying to decide if I start inside with grow lights or just try to do it outside? Is there a temp that is too hot?

  4. Mike Would you please tell me how deep the sprout root is in the nutrient. When you refill the nutrient in the tubs how high do you fill it ? Thanks Mike PS My wife thanks you, we are eating healthier.

  5. After seeing you use shallow trays of potting mix to start seeds, and paper towel & pad to start seeds, which do you prefer? Also, the pool noodles are low cost, but the ones I have locally will deteriorate in sunlight (UV rays). How often do you replace yours? Have you considered another material, since the pool noodle section simply holds the plant in place?

  6. I love your videos! Very informative stuff here.

    I had a question about the seeds started in hydroton. Are you just using straight water or is some solution added to it?


  7. do you let your beets get full grown in the downspout? and if so, how do they turn out for you? Just have seen many videos on youtube regarding growing beets hydroponically with no success. Thanks for the amazing videos! Keep up the good work! Many thanks from the panhandle!


Life Cycle of a Mud Crab with Video Footage.

Life Cycle of a Mud Crab with Video Footage.