Easiest way to grow lettuce…off grid hydroponics

Easiest way to grow grid hydroponics

Easiest way to grow lettuce with off grid hydroponics. We are using some transplants from the local home improvement store.

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Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Hey mate, I really love your channel and the way you simplify everything. It gets me so motivated to grow! I wondered if you ever have problems with root rot?

  2. Hi,i love your video's And watch Them daily…do you know a type of lettuche that's eatable for high humidity countries? Our humidity is around 90 % And the temparature is around 32 Celsius daytime And 23 Celsius nighttime…i tried some,but they don't even germinate….can you give me a tip please?

  3. I just started another batch of speckled P, black sunflower and alfalfa/broccoli/Clover sprouts. While I was using the higher maintenance, more traditional method, I was thinking of you and your wicking method. This might be a good time for me to transition.

    Would you mention again which products you use… The growing medium that looks like white paper that you put on top of the wicking paper towel, please?

  4. Dear Mr. VanDuzee,
    Been watching almost all Statky Hydroponics channels lately but only saw yours this weekend. What a find!! Thank you for sharing not only the simple, straight forward downspouts off grid hydroponics method, but also some really beautiful, artistic scenes such as the one at 0:07 of this video – that alone is awesome enough to start off a beautiful Sunday for me.
    Regards from South Africa

  5. Gidday matey,,my good friend Pepe from Australia sent me over to check you out and sub. I am looking forward to see how you grow your greens,,,looks awesome so far!
    Happy Gardening

  6. Tomorrow is March 1st, and Spring will soon be here for Zone 5a gardeners. Good to see you able to start sooner. How much water does one of those downspouts hold?


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