Easiest Microgreens Ever!!

Easiest Microgreens Ever!!

By far, the easiest and most carefree way to grow your own nutritious microgreens. Wondering how to grow micro greens, here is a simple way. You do not have to water this for two weeks at which time you will probably have harvested your microgreens anyway.

For the microgreens:
The container was purchased at the Dollar Tree.

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Question After making the microgreen box you just pick a microgreen and put it in a pool noodle in a down sprout. If so how much masterblend to use. Sorry first time just going to start when las vegas temps cool down. Thanks so much if you have a video on it let me know.

  2. Peacock Apocalypse.
    That's too funny!
    Love your channel. I'm so inspired by your inexpensive and easy approach to hydroponics! Thank you for your simple to follow and informative instruction.

  3. I made one of these, but after a week I just had moldy seeds. I don't know why they didn't sprout. maybe it was too cold? I tried to sprout kale. mold grew on the edge of the papertowel and down into the water. Eww. I"m trying again with soil seed starting media and lettuce seeds. I'm gonna spritz a week peroxide solution over the surface just in case since I don't know where the mold came. Plus a bit of extra oxygen is good for seed germination. One year I pre-germinated all of my seeds in peroxide water baths. I had great success back then.

  4. Hi, do you need to add hydroponic nutrients to the micro-greens, or is that for when you separate them out for individual plants? Also, do you have to cover the micro-greens? Thanks! You have excellent ideas! It’s so nice that you share them!

  5. I got a batch of mixed salad green microgreens going with your method. I made only 2 changes. I used a shorter container( to conserve space )and no grow pad (just cheap dollar tree paper towels). They are doing excellent. Ty GOD Bless You…

  6. Attacked by peacocks. A blessing to see such beauty walking up to your home but the aftermath was a curse. Instead of cursing, you had a wonderful attitude and just started over. Awesome video. So much to learn, plus microgreens! Well done 👏🤟!

  7. I've been blending flaxseeds for years to make flaxmeal (for fiber & Omega). Some dropped over the kitchen sink top and sprouted after a few days.
    Thanks for the wicking method, great idea to try.

  8. Thanks for the quick response Mike. I’m planning to call the manufacture today to get their feedback. I am trying your germination method. Having fun in Mississippi. I believe 10 to 12 grams to 5 gal. May be where I’ll start.

  9. Nice Mike, I have some peter’s 20/20/20 water soluble fertilizer and am wondering how many grams I need to mix with a Gal. Of water to get to a proper concentration for lettuce


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