Easiest Kratky Method for Hydroponic Growing

Easiest Kratky Method for Hydroponic Growing

Easiest Kratky Method for Hydroponic Growing. If you love growing in a non circulating, hydroponic system like the one Dr Kratky started, then you will love this. I have eliminated the need for net cups, rockwool and hydroton (clay pebbles). On top of that, you can use free jugs you were going to throw into the recycling bin anyway. This is the cheapest and easiest way to grow.
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  1. what happens if you go with less then 4 litres of solution per head of lettuce? do you have to refill it or does the lettuce just not grow as big and you need to harvest earlier?

  2. Hi Mike. How often do you change your nutrients ? I’m using the downspout grow box that you’ve shown and I love your channel. Keep up the good job!

  3. Do you need to change the water or add more nutrients periodically? Doesn't it evaporate over time if you don't? When you initially add the plant, how much touches the water, and at what level should you keep the water?

  4. What was that you used to hold the seedling in the pool noodle? I’ve been using a piece of pool noodle but I usually end up getting it too tight and it’s chokes to death,

  5. More detail on the hydroponic nutrient solution would be good. How much nutrient to add for how much water, etc. How to calculate the amount needed for the life cycle plant with the Kratky method would be good. Actually, that should be at the top of the priority list to cover during a tutorial on the Kratky method. "Just add nutrient solution" doesn't begin to cover it.

  6. Thanks for being my intro into Kratky!
    Do you ever get algae problems considering these, and your downspouts, are white? Why is there so much talk about dark containers? Tks for your entertaining and informative insights!

  7. Hi. I am trying to test out some strawberry plants that already have established roots from being planted in soil. I have a dwc box made and I put them in. I haven’t been able to figure out how high I should make the water level. I have them held up with the pool noodle. I have the water level about an inch in a half from the bottom of my foam board. The plants were standing up this morning(I planted them yesterday evening), but as the day progressed they are now drooping. New to this so I have no idea what if anything is wrong. I have general hydroponic nutrients in the water. Using rain water. Could I have too much water? Or do I need to fill it all the way up flush with the foam board??

  8. I got out of the hospital recently after my surgery and those bottles with handles looks like piss bottles (so you don't have to get out of your bed) …. for real

  9. Great idea and cheap too! I am curious as to whether you are using regular seeds, like Burped or sprouting seeds that you can have a jar full of sprouts in 2-3 days?? I love your channel!

  10. I'm wondering if I could lay the wax TYPE almond milk container on its side with pour spout up and cut 2 round holes in flat top side very gently with hole saw?

  11. I am learning great deal from you! When you first set the seedlings in hydroponics, roots don't touch the water. How will they grow? Won't they die?


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