Early Prolific Straightneck vs Madison's Cross (Squash)

Early Prolific Straightneck vs Madison's Cross (Squash)

#NoWeedGarden #BreedingVegetables I hope that this video will convey the differences between the two squash I’m going to use to create my first hybrid squash, Madison’s Choice. It uses the yellow standard squash Early Prolific Straightneck as one parent and Madison’s Cross, an open pollinated squash I developed, as the other parent.

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  1. Wow that’s interesting Brent. The Madisons cross looks like a good variety to grow. It certainly seems to produce more squash on each plant. Just going to watch your Madisons choice video next. Take care. Nick

  2. THANKS A MILLION BRENT, will be buying seed for Madison Cross from NOW ON! Can you recommend a better zucchini? I have big time problems with the squash bugs.

  3. I'm getting so hungry watching you cut those squash, I'll bet your deck has a few volunteers growing underneath after that video lol Eek Gadds, those squash bugs are allover that particular type. I found three in my radish bed the other day while gathering some stuff for dinner and they are smaller and mostly black "almost" looks like a lady bug. Great video Brent Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍

  4. Can someone explain to me what those things are?
    I only know zucchini but those are green and shaped like a cucumber.
    There seems to be a language barrier in that we don't have a real equivalent for squash in German.
    Both Pumpkin and Squash translates to "Kürbis" but "Kürbis" are vines and the ones in the video clearly aren't.
    We have the zucchini as i said and pumpkins (like Hokkaido) but in English there seems to be another thing (Squash).
    Or are Zucchini a type of Squash?
    How do they taste?


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