How to Build a Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

How to Build a Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

Dutch bucket hydroponics explained! Today we learn how to build a Dutch Bucket hydroponic system. Dutch bucket hydroponics is one of the most productive hydroponic systems and I’m excited for the future grows this system will enable.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. great build.wonder if you ever fitted float valve.its just that when you start your pump your water level will drop and float valve will start replacing that water and by the time the system balances itself out you could end up with a bit of a flood.

  2. There's a lot of good advice here.

    I never heard of Panda Film before but I wish I had. I just finished painting 12 more buckets. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

    I'll add a few thoughts.

    The drain does not have to be sloped. It will work just fine level. My buckets and drain both lie directly on my deck.

    Use silicone calk to "glue" the cap and elbow in place. That leaves them removable for cleaning.

    Some brands of perlite are very dusty. I had to switch brands of perlite to fill some of my buckets and there was so much sludge that it blocked the drains. Now I dump the perlite into a tub to wash it first.

  3. great video well explained do you sell the containers cant find any none online im in waterford seeking some happy to pay .ive subscribed and a big thumbs up.

  4. You seem like such a fun guy and I really wanna have a beer with you! 🤣 Thinking about getting into hydroponics once I've got enough space so your videos are really interesting!

  5. After everyone’s comments about the beer, I had to push pause and go finish my work, so I could have a beer and watch this with y’all. All right I’m back, who needs a freshie? Need a chalkboard by the tapper so ya can keep count.

  6. Excellent video and I feel I am learning more and more about hydroponics. Love the way you do your videos and the beer thing was cool. I found myself wanting a beer…lol.

  7. Hello! I'm Davide from Italy! I really appreciate your videos! They are very informative and ingenious! Very good! I would like to ask you what kind of fertilizer you use! Also, how much do you set the PH and EC in uS / cm²? Thanks in advance for your valuable reply!

  8. did anyone ask your total cost , without buckets since free for you? and without that excess perlite ? obviously including endcap and the pump 😉

  9. I like that the (assuming res float slightly below the return pipe) return pipe is where it is to create a constant waterfall effect that may aerate it some ?

  10. Anyone know if there could be any negative consequences adding coco peat to the permiculite? Hydro shop here in WA is this video method good for Queensland with humidity but so dry in Perth WA we need to add some coco peat to help the roots. Bout to add it and thought I’d ask here

  11. Really great stuff man, big fun here! What I miss though is really the water flow for the buckets, or the volume of the pump (l/min or per hour). Just put mine up but I do not get the flood and drain motion. Maybe somebody else can help out?


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