Dr Kratky | Kratky Method Hydroponics | DIY

Dr Kratky | Kratky Method Hydroponics | DIY

Go check out the man that started it all, Dr Bernard Kratky:

I have enjoyed growing with off grid non circulating hydroponics for over 8 years. It truly is a set it and forget it method of growing, a welcome addition to your garden. Dr. Kratky was not around when I first started but now has a YouTube channel. This is the place to go to get first hand knowledge on growing off grid plants such as lettuce, pak choy, herbs, tomatoes, etc.

Supplies and seed that I use that usually can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

The best thing you can ever do is INVEST in yourself. Believe it or not, whatever level you are on now, $100 can CHANGE your LIFE. Whatever reason you are trying to grow a YouTube channel, funnels can help you. Whether you like it or not, you are marketing your channel. Check out free info here and I will always be there for you to help you through it:

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  1. Thanks, Mike for your kind comments. And a special thanks for developing such innovative and practical hydroponic approaches to growing vegetables and for sharing them with everyone!
    Bernie Kratky

  2. Name of channel changed, forgot to ring the bell… Will they grow broccoli flowers when mature? I get confused from sprouts and the real broccoli plant

  3. I'm really grateful for your videos Mike, I'm a total newbie and having these resources really helps the likes of myself get there quicker…I'm basically learning from your experiments i.e. trial and error. I'm aiming to be self sufficient for my family in greens leafy veggies and herbs within 12 months. I'm in Australia so we have a great climate for it and a lot of sunlight. I'm trying my best to use recycled materials where possible but have been to the hardware store for certain things. I'm really finding cable ties helpful for suspending containers. Long term I'm thinking some sort of roll on roll off tray system where you harvest and sow every day (somehow). I'm now researching Kratky vs Hydroponics (i.e. with pump) to see what the pros and cons are but I'm keep to keep it simple and focus on getting the fresh produce rather than use any complex items (i.e. pumps, lights, heatpads). I've just sown all my seeds using your method with a paper towel and some old drinking containers. Anyway, thanks again!!!

  4. Great and very informative videos..
    I am just starting and very new to hydroponics.
    Few questions..doesnt the nutrient solution get cloudy and smell foul in kratky method. Did u face any issues regarding the same and what is the solution.
    Does NPK of 19:19:19 work same as the one u are using? And what proportions should the nutrients solution be made with it?

  5. Hey Mike! I studied your videos this spring and started a few plants by the kratky method. It took them a while to get going, but the are going wild. Cukes and tomatoes. Will be working on the downspout method for 2021 and where to house it in the backyard. Thanks. Will keep on growing!

  6. Hello Mike! I have a lot to learn about with hydro gardening… your going to help me on that journey so I'm giving you an advanced THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to your content!

  7. I'm getting frustrated.
    I'm trying to do the same things you do, but I"m getting mostly failure.
    I transfer first leaf seedlings ot tomato and pepper to the gutter box with a pool noodle just like you did just to get them started ,and they either stop growing or die.

    I transferred older seedlings of zucchini ( 2nd leaves) that are started in soil mix by rinsing off the roots and just dipping the bottom rooms in nutrient solution and leaving some the roots above the water line and they shriveled and died. The ones transferred to cheap top soil survived.
    I tried taking an established basil plant bought from the store and converting it to kratky, like you did with the store bought tomato, and over the course of a month, they all shriveled and rotted.
    I tried to start lettuce seeds like microgreens by using a wicking system and sterile seed starting mix and all the seeds rotted.
    The only thing that seems to be working is the microgreen seed starting box with only the paper towel. And I have some snap beans that I put in a net cup with water touching the bottom and those are sprouting and putting roots down into the water, but after watching every other plant fail to thrive beyond that point, I'm afraid it's going to die too.
    I feel like giving up. My house is around 75 degrees indoors so it's not too cold or too hot. It's only been getting 85 degrees outside but all the plants and solutions are in the shade. I'm using the same ratio of nutrient solution that you suggest. Are all of my plants dying of transplant shock? I don't know what to do. I've watched your videos on repeat for the past month and I think I'm doing it like you suggest. Am I suffering from Survivor Bias by watching all of these successful Youtube growers? Is it actually normal for so many of my plants to just die?

  8. Hi and thank you so much for the great videos. I love that you have showed us how to do this "on the cheap". I've got my little seedlings going strong using the Dollar Tree container and paper towel wicking method. I ordered the nutrients from Amazon and the Master Blend was the biggest expense. My question is: what color is Master Blend supposed to be? In pictures, it appears to be yellow but the 1 lb. baggie (yes, a baggie!) I received is a light blue/green. The seller assures me that they just re-packaged Master Blend to be able to sell smaller portions. I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I don't necessarily trust answers from those trying to earn a buck. Thank you again!!!

  9. Funny that this method was named after him… We've been doing this method in our University(UPLB: Institute of Plant Breding) for decades… But kudos to Dr. Kratky for spreading this knowledge.

  10. Hey, I tried your downspout kratky and am having algae problems. It's positioned in the sun for most of the day because that is the only space I have for it. Whats your technique for insulating against high temps and algae?

  11. I want to do this set up at my south side back patio (has the best sun) of the house and we get heavy wind coming thru here often so what can I do to anchor my set up down so my veggies won't fly away from me…lol. Thanks.


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