"Do-It-All" Garden Spray (Fungicide & Insecticide)

"Do-It-All" Garden Spray (Fungicide & Insecticide)

#NoWeedGarden #BreedingVegetables This spray has several modes of action and combined, it forms an awesome tool for the gardener. It’s fairly gentle, but one should test it on a small portion of plants before drenching everything especially because some soaps have a drying effect which can damage leaves. It is best to spray late afternoon close to the sun setting to prevent injury to bees or sunscald on the plants. There is nothing in this mix that is harmful after a rinse, but it is suggested to wait 24 hours with Spinosad at full strength. This is a half-strength Spinosad. I use Dawn, and although it’s not “organic”, it’s been used by millions upon millions of people as a detergent for dishes for a very long time. Once rinsed, I’ve got zero issues with it. If you do, Dr. Bonner’s castille soap or something similar may fit your bill.

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  1. Do I need to rinse the plants after if I use it on seedlings? Do I need to refrigerate the Neem oil? Do I need to empty the sprayer and wash in hot water right away? Thanks

  2. Good tip! I'll save this video link. I planted some Wild Arugala (sp?) in a big pot and it all sprouted so full and pretty. Next day I was watering and got to that pot and there was nothing but stems!!! Something really loves the stuff. Doesn't bother my other plants, so I gave up on that one. I'd have to cover it to grow it. Maybe next year.

  3. hey man, I really recommend the DJI OSMO Mobile 2 if you film with your phone. Very affordable gimbal mount that will get rid of all your shaky camera work. Love your videos though, especially your microgreen series

  4. I think I found a reasonable price on neem oil, finally. I've always good oregano oil in the kitchen and almost always Dawn blue. I've always got potassium bicarbonate in the greenhouse. I'll have to look for grapefruit seed extract, and spinosad maybe the real problem for me.

  5. Wow nasty little bugs! I don’t think we have some of those here, but I will try to give your spray a try. We have a spider mite issue every year and they frustrate me to the point of not return lol! 😂

  6. Thanks for the info. I am looking for the spinosad, but all I find are branded products. Where do you find the powder or the liquid? Whatever you are using.

  7. Hello Brent, Dana down here in Savannah great video on dispatching those pesky bugs. I see that you might let some of your viewers try out the Madison’s cross for some additional info that could help carry it forward. I would very much like to be a part of that endeavor. The bonus for me would be to have such a prolific producer as Madison’s cross as I can never seem to grow enough for my squashoholic wife. Great stuff Brent, appreciate all the knowledge brother

  8. Your pretty good with those sprays Brent, so many bugs there. They look like what we call a type of stink bug that pierce the plant and suck the juice out.
    Gee they drop quickly,,good tip on the Bees,,we need those around.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware

  9. Awesome video Brent! Man those "suckers" are everywhere on that plant. The garden plot is looking great also👍 I've finally won my battle with the bugs at my place lol the ants were my worst enemy as they live in symbiosis with aphids and other plant suckers and they would fight off my predatory insects.




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Rhizocephalan Barnacles that changes the sex of male mud crabs