DIY Water Level

DIY Water Level

I’ve got some leveling work to do in the near future so I thought I’d share my version of the water level build. Hopefully, you can get something out of it yourself!

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  1. Made one using a small painters bucket. Had two 20ft sections and connected with a brass fitting. Connected to a 1x2x6 . Used it to set up a 18×52 above ground pool. Worked great.

  2. Nice video! A trick I've learned is to use windshield washer fluid for your liquid. It's already blue in color and it won't freeze if you are in a cold climate. When you are done with your leveling project simply drain the fluid back into the original jug and then you can always use it in your car.

  3. Spit, Kool-aid and homemade tags. There's nothing better :-)!
    Even though I will never do what you are, you make your videos pretty cool just by using items you already have and don't have to spend a fortune on👍

  4. Humm, maybe "super-fancy" is indeed the name. Why the hell put the tube in from the outside, to then go in again on the other side of the container ? 😉 That's 2 holes for not much. Just glue the tube on the bottom of the container directly on the inside. Wouldn't that be far easier ? And you can secure it with a zip-ties at the top of the container if you want to make sure there is no tension on the bottom glued part. This way you have no potential leak problem. Maybe you thought of that afterwards 😉

  5. "Brent's Super-Fancy :-0) Water Level" is cool by me mate. Nice physics lesson. A quick question. If you are to siphon water to multiple distribution points from one source and one hose, is that distribution equal along the way or will it feed in the order from closest to the tank?




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