DIY Hydroponics / NFT failure

DIY Hydroponics / NFT failure

NFT hydroponics failure / DIY Hydroponics
NFT system fails and plants suffer. This is why I like off grid non circulating systems in conjunction with my nft.

NFT is a simple hydroponic method which uses a pump. The off grid containers use no pumps or aeration. Here is a short EBook that shows how I grow with non circulating hydroponics:

Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:

Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies:

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  1. Haha I have managed to keep my mint plant going lol – I need it for cocktails 🤣 this is a lovely filmed video Mike – even when it got sad and dramatic! You’re really becoming quite the creator Mr VanDuzee! I mean all round – videography, storytelling etc. Please say you bring them back to life 😢 Yay a happy ending…phew 😊✨

  2. Bummer!  I'm always torn between the 2 different modes of static and active. Love both of them. However with active systems you do have to be committed to babysitting. Things  can definitely go wrong – like pump failure, or if there is a power outage and pump cant pump fluids. But here what I've experienced in "growth". The active systems do seem to yield faster/larger growth over the Kratky- static methods.  Right in the middle of the active and static methods is a Dutch Bucket which can be operated manually or with a pump.  The benefit here is there's a small reservoir of water in the bottom of the bucket, so if you're automating with a pump and it  stops.. you have probably a day or two  to get things back up and running without a total loss. Of course air temp and plant uptake are part of that equation as well.   As always Mike Great Video! Keep on Growing!

  3. Do you think a nft system would work in las vegas. I would like to grow out here but it get so hot. If so do you have any video's on how to set one up. thanks

  4. I had similar situation…i modified my downspouts with 3/4" pvc board i cut to fit on ends and threaded with 1/2" male fitting high enough to keep the roots always in water…

  5. That mint looks awesome!! My advice take that mint out of ur nft and put it in ur off grid tote could be another disaster in waiting. I have Neptune apex systems hooked up to my stuff , big investment but I’m practically commercial .

  6. Cant let your water get that low in your reservoir friend, a pump must remain completely submerged in water. Also with those systems being outside, if you added some type of water chiller, you can preserve the sterility of your water and protect your nutrient solution from algae growth and root rot. Learned alot about horticulture in high school and built a greenhouse for my SAE.

  7. Good job getting it going. I had a similar problem years ago, a pump failure, so installed two pumps and set about monitoring both flows each day. I have just reverted to the rain gutter grow system. I use the gutter tubes like you but it's set it and forget it. Runs of a rainwater butt that I sometimes have to fill with city water The veggy growth is amazing. Good Luck

  8. My aeroponic towers wont tolerate pumps going down either so I just keep a few spare pumps on hand. I buy them from China on ebay cheap. They even can run out of water and not burn up! No American made pump can do that. I have tested 10-15 pumps when I was designing my systems and found the Chinese made to work the best for my uses. Keep on growing.

  9. Hey Mike ! Good video on what can happen in the Florida sun in a day. Personally, lay back on my garden activities in the summer because it's brutal down here. Never had the pump die, but sure did go through the reservoir of water and nutrients in a short order of time. Then the big winds hit and blew the whole system down. Never replaced, but thinking about it for the fall. My Kratky on the screen porch is the best I've ever had, but it bit the bag with these 93 degree days. But again, contemplating some Kratky outside in the fall.

  10. WOW that was a great save buddy! So happy to see you was able to bring them back! Yep NFT is a tougher system to run being in pipes. The roots was to hard for me to deal with so I gave up that system and stuck with my Dutch buckets, Kratky and RDWC systems. Losing a pump in this type of heat means the graveyard is wide open. Thanks for showing folks what can happen if you have to be away and something goes wrong. You are the Man I tell ya! Always helping others learn both sides of this type of growing. Hope you folks have a Happy 4th week!

  11. Great video! So glad everything is recovering nicely! I would be freaking out, Lol I hope you have a nice week and a wonderful Forth Of July! 🧨🧨
    Keep on keeping on!! 😎❤️

  12. Fantastic video and a good lesson! BUT, if the NFT can & is such a problem, why not replace it with a LAGRE VOLUME KRATKY SYSTEM? I'm sure you can find some 12" to 18" or even 24" PVC drain pipe & caps.

  13. Happened twice to me on my Dutch buckets. First time the reservoir ran out, second was a power outage and the pump couldn't prime back when the power came back on. Both times i was able to save them like you did, but i think it took a toll on setting of tomatoes.

  14. So sorry! I wanted to set a small NFT up with a solar panel and battery backup, but just didn't have the upfront funds for pipes and batteries. Maybe that's something you would like to consider? My electric pops off for no reason, which is why I even thought about it.
    I'm glad you were able to save what you could!


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