DIY Hydroponics / Cheap and Easy

DIY Hydroponics / Cheap and Easy

DIY Hydroponics / Cheap and Easy
Traditional hydroponics can tend to be expensive to start. Here is a cheap and easy way to experiment. Grow all kinds of leafy greens. Grow lettuce for your sandwiches. Grow kale for your smoothies. Grow chard for a healthy wrap alternative to carb rich tortillas. Grow your own herbs. A little alterations and you can grow hydroponic tomatoes.

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  1. Some of you may have seen this already, because of licensing I had to change the music so that I can post it to other platforms. I am now using Epidemic Sound. There may be a few more videos in the near future that I have to change the music on. bear with me and thanks much.

  2. New years Eve 2020 and I found this video and I was just writing a list of things to do in 2021. Bless you for demonstrating a life sustaining activity which I'll start soon. It's January 1, 2021 and I'm still watching your videos at 04:53 am! I love to learn and especially useful and economical skills.
    Mr. Vanduzee, wishing you many blessings and success throughout this new year. Thank you for your public service.

  3. Enjoyed your video—what are the white "boxes" that you are growing in–they seem to be like plastic rain gutters–do you have a video on how to use this material for hydroponic growing?

  4. how did you make the resv? is there anything other than standing water/nutrient solution?? no pumps/nada? wondering if this is okay for basil/cilantro/green onions…

  5. Thanks for sharing this great idea! I am new to hydroponic kratky. So do I put 1 bok choy plant in each hole? Or 2? I think I saw 2 plants in each hole from the video. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for your informative and inspiring video. I’ve learned so much from all your videos. One question, do you have problem with algae with the downspout system?

  7. Do you fill it with the nutrient solution only once at the beginning for the duration of the grow? And what is the hole size? 1 and 7/8s? Thank you!

  8. Sir mike, good day… Thanks for the awesome videos you are sharing… I only asks what do you call the green foam you use as grow grip? Cant find it here in philippines or maybe i just dont know what do we call that here. So i need the name and the purpose of that foam so i can explain locally here.

  9. Hi mike,
    I need advice for growing lettuce, basil, thyme in the gutter down. I have hard time to get results actually. I am starting the plant in organic soil until i transfer in the gutter down with the noodles, filled with nutrients solution (6-11-31 + 15.5-0-0 + Epson salt), but after few weeks, it has not grown, the leaves are softening and yellowing. Gutters lengths are under 3 ikea growing lamps from 6am to 8pm each day.
    What could be wrong? Thanks,

  10. Every time I type "grow mats" into the search engine, I get a heated plastic mat. I am actually looking for a medium to grow seedlings in. Where do you get yours?

  11. This set it, and forget it stuff is a lot of work. I fill containers, admire them every day, harvest, plant some more, harvest again, make more containers, plant some more, harvest again. You get the idea. I am doing something out there every day. I have hydroponic containers everywhere, and keep bringing home more.
    My old garden was really easy. Get on the tractor, and till up a giant area, spend a day planting, watch the slugs eat everything, and then in the Fall, mow the weeds and plants down all in one shot. Easy.

  12. Good morning Mike, I thought I had watched this before 😀 Always a good refresher. Couple of questions if you have the time, have you showed how you harvest your seeds? I have looked but have not found one. Do you harvest your lettuce?

  13. Thanks SO much for sharing your hydroponic knowledge. I just purchased my first hydroponic basil – now, thanks to you I'm going to start growing my OWN hydroponic herb garden (& then some)!!

  14. I rather like the revised application of a typical plastic based down spout as a very portable growing system. And to think that I totally spaced that while at Lowe's earlier today. Oh well, next time. While it is late in the season, I did stop on the way back and picked up a set of Early Girl plants to try 3 ways: in ground; in container; in hydro. -Bob…


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