DIY Greenhouse Build – Part 3

DIY Greenhouse Build - Part 3

In this installment of the greenhouse build, I completed the 9 gambrel ribs and put them in place. Afterwards, because the structure is wobly, it needs stabilized so the strength of the EMT can be truly realized. This is accomplished by bracing it in various ways. Additionally, the treated 2×4 studs were added and connected. They will serve to secure the greenhouse plastic and allow me to pull it tight. I hope you’re enjoying the videos on the greenhouse build. If you are inspired or just want to offer some advice, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment, or better yet, subscribe and join me on my adventures in gardening.

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  1. "Level" denotes horizontal surfaces. "Plumb" denotes vertical surfaces. I guess technically it would be correct to say it's "perpendicularly Level". Haha.

    So when you say "level" when describing the posts is a little disconcerting… Great job though and it'll be helpful when I start my own greenhouse project.


  2. Boy that is starting to look great, and I bet your going to just love that thing. I love the size of it too. It's so exciting, so take  your time and enjoy it, and when it's done right, it will last you a very, very long time. It sure is big, and one thing I know for sure, people who build small greenhouses always end up building one a lot bigger in the end. SO, yours is Perfect.  


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