Diabetes & Fenugreek, Part 2: How to Grow Microgreens (See Top Pinned Comment)

Diabetes & Fenugreek, Part 2:  How to Grow Microgreens (See Top Pinned Comment)

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I read a few articles on the benefits of Fenugreek. At every stage–seed, sprouts, and microgreens (leaves), there are amazing claims for this legume. In my case, I want to test the claims it’s said to have in assisting diabetics with the control of the disease. I am type 2 with a slowly elevating blood glucose levels over time. I am not a fan of injecting myself and, quite honestly, I’m hoping for a miracle cure here. Something akin to the clinical trials I’ve read about. These first two videos are how to grow spouts and microgreens to create the “medicine” I’ll take and the third will be my daily regimen and the results after a period of months. I am skeptical because I tend to believe “if it was so amazing, it would already be a big deal”. Regardless, I’m going for it. Wish me luck. :O)

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  1. Update 20 Feb 20: Still going full speed. Taking Fenugreek every day. I have looked at a clinical trial where the Fenugreek didn't affect glucose levels until the 5th month of use minimally and quite significantly in the 6th month and beyond. So, to truly test it, I have to go beyond 6 months. I just had a checkup and my A1C actually increased, but my cholesterol went down to lower than it's every been in my recorded history, 128. The flip of that my triglicerides went up to 399, pretty high. So, something is going on and I'm not ready to do a video on it. I'll wait until my next visit, likely beginning of June.

  2. Brent….My father is type 2 (88 years) and son is type 1(Since 4 years), it is strange how they eat is often the mirror image of the other. My father is one of 73 in the UK to reverse or put his type 2 in remission. I am not a Doctor so I may not use the correct terms. Feel free to ask questions and I will ask my father. To my knowledge my father gained control by cutting all concentrations of direct and substantially reducing indirect sugar. Sweets, chocolate, are clearly direct but indirect would be potatoes, bread. etc. In so doing he also lost weight. The theory is that many vegetables and other foods contain enough carbs and therefore carb rich foods such as bread are not needed as much. Complex carbs which take much longer to digest and previously said to be part of healthy living are to be avoided at all cost, as they put added stress on the pancreas and make it work longer and therefore harder. Examples would be Porridge, Brown rice, Bran, Couscous, Bulgar wheat and things described as whole foods. If however you are type 1 these foods are excellent as the insulin is injected and externally supplied. One thing, …When my father consumes potato he only eats "New potatoes" in UK……or 1st earlies perhaps in the USA. as on the GI scale I believe they contain much less carbs than main crop. He typically will eat a single slice of bread for breakfast and only two egg size potatoes for main meal. This is pretty much all the carbs he will eat in a day and relies on the underlying carbs in other foods for the rest. Oh and a large Scotch Whisky for bed. Good luck with your trial.

  3. Hi there. Just thought I'ld share Dr. Joel Fuhrman name with you. He has books and videos on how to reverse many health conditions. You may want to look into his work. Just google his name or look him up on YouTube. His clinic I believe is on the east coast. If you are ready to take a real 180 and healing your self, you may also want to look into True North clinic, I think they are located in California. Is expensive, but worth it. I am sure they too can help you. Finally, look into something called "Recall Healing" you may be amaized how things are interconnected and many times we are emotionally sick and the diceases are a manifestation of stressors that we have not deal with in life. I can't remember the name of the doctor I am talking about, is a lady she is really good at this. And there are a few guys too.
    Just a few suggestions for you.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless you

  4. Hi Brent, I LOVE the idea of no more soil! I see you are promoting Weston 78-0201-W Dehydrator Netting and it is black, yet the video shows silver screen? Did you make a change and if so what is the name of the product? Thanks and Happy New Year!




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