Cucumber: Cage Wrapped and Hydroponic in Winter

Cucumber: Cage Wrapped and Hydroponic in Winter

This video covers a cucumber grow during the middle of winter. I am super happy now that I know I can produce cucumbers over the winter months. The medium used was regular peat moss with about 25% parboiled rice hulls. They were grown using a version of a hydroponic drip system watered 4x/day with Masterblend nutrient.

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  1. Hi Brent. We had a high temp today of 8. Low tonight will be -4. I have 2 cucumber plants in my greenhouse. Got a half a dozen cukes off them and they both stopped producing male flowers. I was hand pollinating but all I was getting was female flowers. Don't know why. Maybe the unstable temps. Next time I'll plant a Parthenocarpic variety.

  2. Hey there 🤠
    Great video. I appreciate the time it takes to make a vid such as – well done ! Do you need to heat your greenhouse? Things sure look healthy .

  3. It seems like yesterday that you started the seeds. Wow. They look so tasty but I have to admit I'm glad you didn't slice one and eat it in front of me as I'm looking at store bought at the moment lol! This sure was fun though :-)👍

  4. Wow, I wish we had some nice ones like that! Those were just about perfect size. I was just talking to Tawnya yesterday about missing our cucumber and tomato salad we eat so much of in the summer. Yep, we're jealous again 🙂

  5. Great job on the winter cucumbers👍👍 that plant is amazing looking also and super healthy. Looks like those leds are doing an amazing job at suplimenting the winter sun for your winter greenhouse. Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍

  6. Nice growth. I am going to order some of those seeds. The Divas I have planted the last few years have not done well. Gonna try your lettuce method as well. My lettuce is in rock wool in water and 3 months old and have barely grown. Gonna change my plan to something similar to yours.


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