Creating a Seedless Cucumber

Creating a Seedless Cucumber

This is how I’m attempting to get the 4th generation plants to carry a parthenocarpic (seedless) cucumber to full open pollination. Open pollination means the saved seed will be true to the parent. #SeedlessCucumber #ParthenocarpicCucumber


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  1. Great video, lots of detail. In addition to Giberelic Acid, I have heard but not tried Coloidal Silver. You apply it the same way you did the GA. I plan to try your experiment this season. Did you end up with viable seeds?

  2. That's really wild. I didn't know that you could change the sex. You had to get some seeds! English Cucumbers? I should try some of those. I've got my last cucumber seeds fermenting right now. I did 4 that way. I love it. Let us know if you got seed. 🙂

  3. Yep, you've definitely earned the title of FrankenBrent 🙂 That some mad science there for sure. So, if you get any seeds at all, it's a success then. Hope the end result is just want you're shooting for!

  4. Nice to see your at it again Brent,,you really love breeding different plants. We get a bit to much humidity here where I live. I really want to bite into one of those Cucumbers you have there.
    All the best from Australia

  5. Mate.. I'm very excited and impressed. I think you need a white jacket though.. professor style ! Clever man you are.
    Hope your going well? I need to tell u that "still" twice a week I get asked about your antifungal spray. I just keep giving them the link to your vid. 👍


Using digital test kits for water quality measurement in indoor RAS systems

Using digital test kits for water quality measurement in indoor RAS systems

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