Container Carrot Harvest

Container Carrot Harvest

In this episode, I harvest my carrots I’d planted in February. They first grew in the house in the bucket until sprouting. Then, they moved into the garage and sat until my pea trellis gutter garden platform was ready on the deck. They set silently plugging along. When I put them in the greenhouse, they took off. One day, I was like, “Oh yeah, the carrots. Maybe I should harvest them soon.” I just kind of forgot about them doing other stuff. What this experience told me was that I could plant a larger bucket (tote) and pick a carrot as I need it or I could plant successive 5-gallon buckets. In either case, I have a sustainable supply of carrots that I won’t have to refrigerate. Since carrots are a forgotten staple–an under appreciated afterthought in our cooking, I’m finding this a pretty awesome discovery.

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  1. Growing in the totes seems like an awesome idea but is it ok being that they're plastic? Wondering if anything can leach into the soil? I did some in 5 gallon buckets this year and can't wait to harvest. Great video thanks!

  2. Also good lightly fried and salted pesto too or green manure for the in ground beds. lo glad it tasted like a carrot! if it starts tasting different stop saving those seeds- heh. juice them tops too!

  3. Why not turn the greens into pesto? We tend to use carrot greens anywhere we'd use parsley as well. Certainly toss the brown/wilty stuff on the compost heap, but don't toss the tasty greens =^.^=

  4. Nice job! I heard that too mch nitrogen can cause those hairy roots. I've got one 5 gal bucket planted but will wait another month before even trying to pull one. I do like the comment that points out to not pick the whole bucket at one time to keep them more fresh and pick them as needed. And on a different video I saw someone say that they cut them into slices and blanche and freeze them

  5. You did great and I would be happy with that. Make sure you fill the containers over full at first. It will settle to leave just enough room for mulch to protect the tops. Don't have to harvest them all at once, either. There is 10x difference between the flavor of a carrot eaten in 5 minutes after harvest, and one that has been allowed to sit for even a day. You can harvest carrots from a bucket for 1-2 months. Just fill in the holes with extra dirt or mulch as you pull them.

  6. Storage is only something you need to think about if you can't eat fresh what you've grown within a few days of harvesting. Rather than bigger containers you should perhaps consider smaller, 'but more of them' containers. That way  you can eat a 'container's worth' fresh when you harvest. I have been growing vegetables in 10 liter buckets which are tiny in comparison and getting good results, eating fresh, and no storage.   It's always best if you can to empty the container rather than picking carrots.  Picking carrots opens up the soil and giver carrot fly an easy way in to the remaining crop. Your carrots looked and sounded really nice carrots. 

  7. Brent: Nice haul for a small space with good color and shape. They stop growing long when they hit something in the soil. Back in the day they had root cellars for storing root crops outside or in their basements. Things that are stored in a roots cellar would not be washed but just had the soil brushed off them before storage. Usually 50 to 60 degrees and the humidity needs to be 60 to 70%. The humidity could be natural or manmade. With carrots you would need to leave the tip end intact and only store undamaged carrots and you would have to check on them regularly. I have seen worst looking carrots grow in a garden than what you just harvested. Of coarse carrots need a little more potassium when growing them. Bernard




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