Complete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System – Week 3 Grow Journal | Harvest by week 12

Complete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System - Week 3 Grow Journal | Harvest by week 12

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Thanks for watching week 3 of our hydroponic grow tent system series. We harvest at week 12 so don’t miss out. We will be discussing nutrient lock basics and demonstrate how it can have a negative impact if mixed incorrectly.

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  1. Bit of a shorter video this week. During week 2-4 during vegging, there isn't a lot of things you need to do. Just a standard routine of maintaining climate and watering. Thanks for watching 🙂 If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave us a comment down below!

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  3. I paid thousands of dollars and the instructional video that came is the same as all these you tube videos w no detailed instructions on hose routeing for 12 bucket systems fr the brain bucket. Also Why aren’t there any detailed videos on how to install the vent fans and ducting for people who bought your LED lights???. The pics and videos don’t show anything. In the video the guy says it the same ( same as what??there were 2 or 3 light vent setups all of which were different) for LED’S just a lil easier. The video continues w no content into how it’s supposed to be set up. Step by step in layman’s terms and good video or pics fr beginning to end and where vents are placed, were and how ducting goes, where the canister hangs etc.

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