Channel Introduction

Channel Introduction

Why I’m here and why I do what I do.

MY STORE ON AMAZON. Everything I use for gardening, I try to put in my store including all my microgreen and hydroponic stuff. So, when I talk about anything that interests you and you think, “Hummm, where can I get that?” Well, it’s all right here, you pay nothing extra for using it, and it’s always updated! Please check out my store here:

As an Amazon affiliate, if you click on one of the product links or my amazon storefront, I do receive a small commission. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t add a penny to your purchase price! Thank you for the support!

MY BOOK ON MICROGREENS. If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” aka The IHG Method:

Black & White Paperback Version –
Color Paperback Version –
Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

FOOD GRADE SCREENS. Food-grade screens to grow microgreens. If you would like to purchase them, email me. Here’s my video on the screens:

TRUE LEAF MARKET SEEDS. I am an affiliate of True Leaf Market and recommend them highly for great quality microgreen seed. Won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but it does help support the channel so I can keep bringing you content. You can reach True Leaf Market here for all your seed needs:

BOOTSTRAP FARMER TRAYS: I am an affiliate of Bootstrap Farmer, the trays I’ve been using for years. They are awesome and heavy duty. :O) It won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but again, it does help support the channel. Your tray needs can be reached at:

MARS-HYDRO LED LIGHTING. If you need high quality LED grow lighting, I’ve trialed Mars-Hydro and really like their lights! You will receive a 3% discount, if you use my HGMB code, over their regular pricing! Mars-Hydro Website:

CONTACT INFO. If you have questions, or just want to chat about anything, you can contact me at

DONATE. If you watch my channel and appreciate the content enough to donate, you can use my email,, to “donate as friend” at It’s surely appreciated

If you love to travel or RV, we do too! Here’s Gina and my travel channel:

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  1. That's some really beautiful plants you've got all around you there. I watched 1 video and liked you so much, I immediately subbed. God bless and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Brent. I found you through your comment on Jims channel, HGV. It's my first year gardening as i recover from cancer treatment so container growing as Jim teaches is ideal for me. I'm from Northumberland in the UK. I have watched a few of your vids and love them so have subscribed. Always wanting to learn more. Thanks for the chance and your ecxellent channel. 🌱🌻🌻🌱

  3. I am going to jump into hydroponics this year! I live in San Antonio Texas, while I hate the hot I love the looooong growing season here! Thanks for all you do! Blessings!

  4. Holy crap, those greens! I'm just now getting into lettuce. I'm researching the effects from different formulas of foliar fertilizers, with different makeups. I figured the best thing to use them on would be lettuce! I am about to receive 9 varieties of lettuce from the U.S National Plant Germplasm System, to jumpstart my experiment! Hope my greens turn out as beautiful as your

  5. Brent, for my introduction to hydroponics I sat up non-recirculating DWC using 5 gal buckets with air to each bucket from a typical small aquarium type air pump. My biggest concern is not the depletion of nutrient solution but failure of the air system. Do you know of any reason that a low pressure line from a stationary air compressor and tank could not be used instead. Why would this not work in a greenhouse?

  6. Rain all week, means the end of snow! Here in Colorado we usually call it safe to plant ground after Mother's Day (Next Sunday!) Most people here buy starters from a Greenhouse just because of our short growing season. I did everything from seed and I'm happy to report 4" tall Simpson lettuce, 2" cucumbers, 2" Jalapeños, 5" Sweet Peas planted outside. Tons of flowers on the way! Planted a few flowers just to be brave. Ha! I love learning all of this. My brother lives 6 miles West of me and he gets very different result! So you really need to experiment to see what works for you in your area! I love it!

  7. Thanks for the intro. Your response to questions asked and comments is phenomenal.

    In a greenhouse how do you know when shade cloth is needed? Is temperature the primary reason? How do you decide what % to use.

  8. Hey Brent, THANKS FOR THE INTRO. I did aquaponics for a little while but have decided to switch to hydro. Can I use hydroton as a grow media in hydro?


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