Carrot Reveal: Harvesting "Sweet Candle"

Carrot Reveal:  Harvesting "Sweet Candle"

I’ve watched fellow YouTubers from the UK grow these sweet candle carrots and I’ve always wanted to give them a try. I found an ebay store that sent me some and son-of-a-gun if they didn’t germinate and grow. Here’s the start to finish growing the infamous Sweet Candle variety. _______________________________________

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  1. Ah stop moaning you grumpy old bugger else you'll end up the same way as the hoity toities from across the pond. I'm growing the sweet candles for the first time too, but instead of buying them I made friends with a couple of the mysterious creatures and a pack was sent to me free of charge. It turns out that a few of them aliens are quite approachable!
    It'll be a couple of months until mine are ready, but as I'm also growing tendersweet maybe a shoot "Taste-Off" video. 🍺

  2. Looks like you have plucked your Sweet Candles too early. They need 20 weeks to form a proper stump end and so need harvesting at 22-24 weeks after sowing. (and maybe thin them out a bit inthe bucket to let them grow)

  3. Lol, yeah, quit complaining Brent 🙂 I know how that goes though. Sometimes you see videos, and read about something, and it sounds so good. Then when you try it yourself, it just doesn't live up to what you thought it should be. But like you said, they are fine carrots.
    I don't know if anyone else is having problems, but this video didn't show up in my notifications.

  4. Lol, we plant carrots the exact same! Broadcast into the medium and hope for the best.The UK folks are so precise it is kinda funny. Sift the soil until it has zero obstructions, plant individual seeds exactly the same distance apart and I think they write poetry for them as well, lol. They do grow some silly nice carrots though. I'd be happy with that batch, but then again,I'm not a Brit:)))

  5. Cool stuff Brent, I like that intro,,feels like Christmas. I have never grown Carrots before, so many awesome colors. I bet they are super delicious homegrown.
    The taste test, crunchy, sweet, but not as good as the others. Maybe they need some Uranium hahaha,,I mean rock dust to sweeten them up.
    Sorry for the disappointment,,, They will feed quite a few,,,I would be grating them up into patties and salads too,,yum
    All the best from Australia
    Marty & Karin


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