Care Free Swiss Chard | How To Grow Rainbow Chard in Hydroponics

Care Free Swiss Chard | How To Grow Rainbow Chard in Hydroponics

How to grow swiss chard with hydroponics. This system is so carefree it is mind blowing. Changed out my nutrients and just let it go. How long will it last? I love the colors of the hydroponic Rainbow Chard. This way of growing is known as the Kratky method. No digging, no weeding, no composting…no problem!

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  1. Noticed some of your chard had branched into 2 stalks. I have had the same experience and also with watercress. Have you ever split them into new single plants? I don't want to kill my cress but it's getting like Medusa with multiple heads!!

  2. I just subscribed, I’m loving your videos. Quick question, don’t your plants 🌱 get pests🐜 🐞??? I see them all green🥬 and “clean” in every video even though they are outside you’d swear they are lab made.😋Much love from South Africa 🇿🇦.
    And please please please do a broccoli 🥦 video I’m addicted to it I wanna try it at home.

  3. Beautiful! I will be moving soon to California to care for my elderly mom and I plan to start gardening there. I've never gardened, but feel it's a must. Swiss chard is one of the seeds I've ordered, so looking forward to trying this. BTW, I purchased some products from you on Etsy and am having them sent to my mom's place so I can get started with my greens right away.

  4. Do you have any concerns about the plastics? All those plastic containers aren't food safe…has anyone researched the biological / health effect of that?

  5. Beautiful rainbow Swiss chard plant, it is amazing how fleshy and robust it looks. That would be a nice addition in the office in a decorative Kratky jar.

  6. Mike, I love your videos, thank you for doing them. What kind of paint are you using on your containers? I used a spray 123 white paint primer on mine and it's peeling off in sheets.

  7. Mike sorry this is off topic but I just found your channel. Could you tell me the dementions on the rain gutter Planters. The ones I found near me were about 3 inches wide, I just wanted to get the right sized ones. Thanks in advance

  8. Mike can you use the Master Blend formula as your watering/nutrient solution in your Microgreens when you either take them out of the Blackout and put them under lights/sun?

  9. Been missing ya. I was looking just last night trying to send a message but my internet crashed😭 question: which roots are dead or alive? Couldn't tell difference. Thanks for sharing

  10. Hi Mike, I'm a fairly new subscriber, and you have inspired me to try my hand at this. I have a black thumb, and can kill plastic plants, but you make me want to try. I bought your book, and today I got some starter plants from the local nursery ( I will be growing micro greens soon) and plan to take them out of the soil and clean off the roots with some water, and put them in a downspout that you helped me make. I will be mixing my nutrients tomorrow and planting them in the downspout. I'm in NY and believe it or not had snow last week, hopefully that's over. Wish me luck Thanks for all the help Mike

  11. Awesome plants. I like Swiss Chard grilled. Brings out some amazing flavor. We finally have microgreens ready. The Daikon radish and Speckled peas are delicious. Have a great day. Keep On Growing.

  12. Looks good. You inspired me to start a downspout garden. I order my master blend fert and calcium nitrate on amazon. I can pick up the rest of the materials I Hope at the local lowes or Home Depot. After ordering master blend on amazon I went back and read some reviews. One review said his mast blend was a different color and he/she believed it was not actually master blend. The seller was edealzzz. Have you order from that seller on amazon? If so did you receive real masterblend? Thanks for any help to this newbie at hydroponics.

  13. Totally Star Struck that you even replied to my comment. LOL! I helped found The Inland Northwest Growers Exchange over 15 years ago. Now that I'm doing hydroponic growing many of my fellow members are astonished with my results. I send them the link to your channel. I won't give up conventional gardening but, for some things your methods are so much better, cleaner, more productive, ect.

  14. Hey Mike! Nice to see you! Hope y'all are staying safe! The chard looks Delishious 😋 I've yet to harvest my book choy, it's growing nicely so I've just let it do it's thing. Not too much longer I'll harvest them and post how Awesome they've done in the gutter. I'm so pleased on how these look. Do you know of any awesome recipes using bok choy?
    So nice to see ya! Be safe!

  15. I am experienced gardener of 40 years-ish. Want you to know that you are my hydroponics mentor. I have learned a ton and got excited about growing. I understand the work that goes into making even a simple video. Thanks for what you do!




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