Candy Onions – Plant to Transplant

Candy Onions - Plant to Transplant

I started this grow using vacuum-sealed candy onion seed that had been in my freezer for more than a year. I planted and kept them over winter and then transplanted into my raised beds. I usually just buy from Dixondale Farms, but this year, I went a different direction. Let’s see how it works out for 2018! _______________________________________

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  1. I've never tried freezing seeds in what appears to be "foodsaver" type bags but it's apparent that it works. Plastic/tarp mulch is not for me as a presentation type gardener, but I know for a fact that it is effective. The heat gun? Wow, where did that come from and it makes total sense. As always, so much to learn from a different way of growing. Cheers Brent.

  2. Looks great, I never have any success with onions. Can grow the crap out of anything else but not onions. Last year I used broken down cardboard boxes as mulch against my hateful crab grass and it worked perfect, plus the worms love eating it as it breaks down. Can get boxes free by the load at any supermarket.




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