Burn this Weed (FL) /Easiest Leafy Green to Grow / Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems / Water Spinach

Burn this Weed (FL) /Easiest Leafy Green to Grow / Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems  / Water Spinach

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Do not grow this weed! It is an invasive aquatic plant. It is widely cultivated and used around the world. It has high nutritional value and is extremely easy to grow. It is tropical and withstands the Summer heat. All in all it is a very beneficial plant, but it’s ease of growth has it banned in most of the USA. Please check with your local agriculture department no matter what country you live in and see if it is allowed.

Easy DIY hydroponics systems/Ipomoea Aquatica/Water spinach/Kangkung

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  1. That is so sad. But there are only a few states that it is banned. I am glad not mine. I will only use them in Kratky and in pots. They can be bought as food in many Asian markets.

  2. Well I am not growing that one. I am going to try growing regular spinach. I have read mix reviews on growing a crakey style spinach but guess I will see.

  3. Wow this is the most cinematic weed burning video I have ever watched!! Ok I’ve never watched any before but if I did I would want them all to be like this!! 👊🏻 Amazon sellers have the option to opt out of shipping to certain states / counties etc but I presume that would be too much work for them to do 😳

  4. Another GREAT video, so sorry you had to destroy your crop, I had looked forward to growing this but I will check with my local gov first. I’m in upstate NY so maybe it will not be a problem as our winters here can be a “bit” difficult at times. Thank You again!

  5. Being a super aggressive (noxious) plant is what Kudzu is, also known as The Vine That Ate The South. It literally takes over and kills, even the largest of trees. It was brought over to help stop erosion, it's very edible, you can makes salads, jellies and soap from it. However, just about the only way to totally kill it out is to set the hogs on it because they eat the roots. Herbicides won't kill it out. Is your water spinach that bad?

  6. I find it interesting that many different municipalities will make plants illegal or legal based on how well i will survive in a region. Many of which I find is beneficial. Some of it is just political I have found though.

  7. oh mike im so sorry this happened to you;[;[;[;[ at least you are a responsible grower…move on and up im sure you can find another awesome plant maybe cat tails;];];];];] i hear they are pretty cool and many uses;];];] maybe research and find a unique 1;];];];] have a good wk ;];] keep on growin;];];];];]

  8. You're right, Amazon needs to handle that. A simple disclaimer to check your state & local laws first could've help. They shouldn't have shipped it to you. Any chance of store credit since you can't send it back?

  9. So grow it indoors under a very strict condition so it won't spread. Also seems pointless to burn it when you could've just harvested and ate it.

  10. That's such a pity. This plant is one of the fastest growing edibles on the planet and eaten all over Asia.
    We have a few relatives to this plant growing in Australia that are classed as weeds here. Well, there others such as Ceylon climbing spinach, Egyptian spinach, that grow very well in the hot weather.
    Egyptian spinach is related to Okra,,edible leaves and pods. Ceylon climbing spinach may do okay in Kratky planting as it's a climber and strikes from a cutting easily. Makes lots of seeds and even a purple dy. for clothes
    Both great plants and very productive in the heat.
    All the best Mike.
    Marty Ware


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