Breeding Vegetables | Next Generation cv Succeed Looks Promising

Breeding Vegetables | Next Generation cv Succeed Looks Promising

I had a great accidental cross in 2014 of a tomato I later named Succeed HT which has since been shortened to just Succeed. It has been an absolute bear getting it past the 3d generation. At least, I think it’s the 3d. It may be the 4th. Anyway, I keep settling on production and even taste trying to push to another generation towards an Open Pollinated variety, saving less than desirable seed. It’s been frustrating. As time passed, I rescinded that decision refusing to settle and again grow seed from the last notable contributions in generation 3. The good thing is that I saved a whole lot of seed and grew out seed from 2014 again and got the big trusses again. It was a half-hearted attempt, because of other projects, so I didn’t plant but 12 seed and only two were viable. These are those two and it’s looking good so far. Next is taste! _______________________________________

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Up Above by Letterbox
Clover 3 by Vibe Mountain
Safety Net by Riot
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  1. Wow they look great, I'm growing some Abe Lincoln tomatoes from seeds I saved from last year the germination rate is over 95% I hope they turn out as productive as yours.

  2. I'm glad that you got a couple that look promising. It's always a relief when things go the way they are supposed to 🙂 I hope they taste great too. Loved those big trusses.

  3. That's a nice colored and sized tomato!
    How have the trusts held up with the production along with the size of the mater?

    The big beef in my Dutch buckets will throw out 15 to 20 flowers from time to time, but if the flowers are not reduced before fruit set the maters are really small.

    Wondering how your clusters are holding up?

    Great video Mr Brent. Really enjoy following your expermentation on the veggies!

    Have a great weekend!

    Yall grow dat!!

  4. You will 'succeed' with this tomato mate ! No doubt in my mind. 👍
    I'm glad you got a nice break in. Lucky man! But I'm also glad to see you on my notifications again too .
    Take care Brent . 🤠



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