Best Organic Grow Yet – Salad Mix – How to Grow the IHG Method (See Description)

Best Organic Grow Yet - Salad Mix - How to Grow the IHG Method (See Description)

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This grow was great. A bunch better than expected. It’s a book exclusive formula. IT IS NOT IN THE BOOK, but available to members who have bought the book and requested access to the more detailed video listed here as outlined in the last chapter of the book. This recipe was developed after the book was published.

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  1. Brent,

    You have out done yourself sir. Your book is packed with good information. I love the easy read and flow and humor interwoven throughout. I wish I had purchased it few weeks ago, before my most recent failed micro-grow. I am currently on chapter 18.

  2. Brent I wanted to thank you for for giving me the confidence to stick with hydroponic methods for growing microgreens. I used some of your ideas but not all -had to improvise some to suit my own situation and needs -but I am having without doubt better results than I ever dreamed,. It helps that I have successfully grown other things with DWC but I never imagined it could be adopted to micros so well

  3. such a nice grow, pretty sure why mine doesn't do very well, one of which is not very forgiving if I don't water right when they need it instead of when I can do it.
    there are other issues that effect it as well.

  4. Hi Brent, each time you did a trial/experiment, you kept finding a better way…so how do you keep updating your customer who already bought your book…with new information from your experiment. Thank you.

  5. Just bought your book. I’ve been stalking your channel all day and this organic venture was the final straw. I don’t think I’ve flown to amazon so fast 😂😂😂 I love your humble approach to learning and teaching. Amazing. I’m going to let you know how my lot is once it’s set up in a few weeks!

  6. Great video! Thanks! Thank you SO much for tackling the “organic” dilemma for growers. Customers want it, but you need performance with no medium. I can rest easier now. Let’s grow!!

  7. I remember the time when you released your organic antifungal vid mate ..
    It was like breaking news in my mind 😎 ..
    Once again my mind is in a flurry
    I am looking forward to more on this. Holy doley !! EXCITED!!
    Thank you again brother Brent …
    I love your work 🤩🤩🤩
    Well done 👍🌱🌱

  8. BRENT!!!! (Yes that was a yell) AWESOME!! I'm so excited. I have one bale of soil left and I hope it is my last!! Looking forward to getting into the hydroponic growing now that we can do it organically!! Chat soon. Mike


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