Best LED Grow Light Bar and Stand For Clones, Germination, and Micro-greens 2019

Best LED Grow Light Bar and Stand For Clones, Germination, and Micro-greens 2019

This LED light bar and stand are great for any grower in need of lighting for germination, microgreens, and clones. There are two models: the 22W single bar and the 40W double bar. Both lights provide a beautiful complete white spectrum while operating at low wattage and low temperatures. The easy hanging stand allows for customization and freedom when adjusting to the height of your plants. With a low profile design, this LED light bar can fit in most spaces providing that supplemental light you may need. Learn more at and don’t forget to use coupon code YOUTUBELED at checkout.

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  1. Excuse me sir ive been trying to find out this question… Does aeration of water take out the chloramine or just the chlorine? What is the best way to prep tap water for hydro? Im thinking about boiling it but the chloramine will still be inside. I would greatly appretiate the help thanks a ton or if you got a video to link <3

  2. Can you PLEASE do a video on the PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow – 120 series…. explaining how it works and the best method for changing the water….. I'm really interested in one just have some uncertainties

  3. I use a 60 watt 5000k phillips led shop light works amazing and it isn't priced crazy these grow light companies are always over pricing the cannabis community. I spent 38 dollars on my phillips led for clones I'm sure this is over 100 dollars smh


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