Best Grow Light Ballast Comparison 2015 (Top 6) TEST REVIEW |

Best Grow Light Ballast Comparison 2015 (Top 6) TEST REVIEW |

We compare Solis Tek, Phantom, Xtrasun Magnetic, Yield Lab, Galaxy, and Quantum in a unbiased and fair comparison.
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Written by Grow Ace

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  1. Hello nice video we have a indoor hemp farm growing quality cbd medicine we need a lights for our farm looking for a light sponsor we currently use 315 cmh need bulbs as well
    We can make video test review for utube with your lights at our indoor farm if you wish your old lights will find live at our farm

  2. No not really. The Yeildlab is more than half the cost of Sollis tek and only marginally has less par. When I was still messing with dinosaur technology I used digilux.

  3. I ran about 10 solis tek matrix. 2 died before 3 years. 3 others had faulty timers in 1-2 years. The faulty timers would reset time and watt settings on their own.

  4. Once more, a great comparison video! I believe I'll go with the Yield Lab as a beginner. I might suggest you do a piece on grow tents or grow tentt kits since there's so many of them out there and it is pretty confusing. Thanks again!

  5. the yield lab game is strong, I'm glad to see youre obviously selling a from factory part, but also supporting other brands where they shine. You do show that best bang for your buck is a very valuable thing whilst not detracting from the obvious advantages to spending a bit more money!

    The legit only reason i wouldnt go with a yield lab ballast, is the fan. its just more noise, but since i have yet to purchase my grow equipment yet that may change.

    proud of the integrity

  6. I just got a Solis Tek 600w SE/DE yesterday and I am very happy with it.
    It came with two cords 120 and 240v. The box says it will run with metal halide, HPS, and double ended bulbs.
    400, 600, or 1000 watt output.
    All for $137.00 online, delivered to a small island in Alaska too!
    How can you beat that?

  7. i bought a solis tek after seeing tests bad rfi bleeding. Bought some ferrous coils didnt fix it now i am buying a galaxy.I thought only chinese ballasts gave off rfi. not something that can be ignored

  8. I been running CFL's and have great results, but I'm running 19 cfls a little over 380 watts all together. would running an HPS be smarter, since the watts would be about the same. that being, if I were running a 400 watt HPS?

  9. you guys are doing a good job. i love these comparison videos u guys do . save me a lot of time from reading reviews online. While at the same time helping my buy all top of the line equipment 🙂


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