BEST 2015 HPS Grow Light Comparison Test Review

BEST 2015 HPS Grow Light Comparison Test Review

We discovered the most economical grow light for indoor plants. We included information about their PAR reading. Ushio, Digilux, Hortilux, Yield Lab, & Sun Master were compared…
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Written by Grow Ace

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  1. knowing that the Hortilux has a 12 month life before it degrades and most others don't warranty their lights for 12 months, is the Yield lab light really a better deal if you have to replace it twice as often? also the Hortilux is in a class all by itself when it comes to their patent protected spectrum recipe (25% more blue than other HPS brands), most don't have more than 4% blue.

  2. I run both Hortilux and another brand called "Interlux". The Interlux brand reverse engineered the Hortilux arc tube gases/salts, strengthened the bulb and added a newer type of resistor that is specifically designed and optimized for digital ballasts. The Interlux literally tests within 1-3% difference of the Hortilux every time! I run both so I'm not biased but I'll tell you this, with the Interlux being the same PAR readings and spectral distribution as a Hortilux at 40-50% less price point, I go Interlux whenever I can find them! Those bulbs seriously rock!

  3. I'd love to see you do this with some LED lights maybe get some 300w(although actual draw wattage can differ) lights and start with the cheaper yet still quality Mars hydro that can be found for good price on ebay

  4. The U.V. spectrum ENDS at 400 nanometers, and the I.R. spectrum STARTS at 780 nanometers which means this guy is misleading people. Also to note by other comments below, he apparently is biased in that he sells yieldlabs bulbs exclusively. If future viewers are smart enough to read the comments, then hopefully they are also smart enough to do more research.

  5. These are considered the basic of professional quality. Thank you for this comparison cuz some of us users are still using this technology
    it is pretty widely accepted that 2 technologies are killing LED on the professional side HLG and COB units.
    a comparison of some highly hyped LED against HLG and ChilLed?

  6. I think you will find a big difference in life performance between lamps also. Showing Par on a 20 minute warm up on new lamps isn't great info. Where are they at 100 hours, 1000 hours. The cheap lamps drop fast, and tend to have many more premature failures.

  7. Damn potheads. PAR describes a type of light, not a measurement unit. The appropriate measurement for this test is photon flux and photon flux per watt, in the wavelength range of 400-700nm, the actual units are micromoles/second and micromoles/joule.
    As you are using a fixed measurement distance and controlling variables fairly well(no mention of temperature or monitoring of line voltage, current, or power factor, which can vary significantly) and this is a relative comparison within a fixed set of bulbs you can substitute PPF [photosynthetic photon flux] with easier to measure PPFD [photosynthetic photon flux density]

  8. Fantastic video, guys! It was just the information I was looking for. Could you tell me which ballast and hood cover you recommend (perhaps a video you produced on this)? Thanks!

  9. You dont realize how much being under the light can skew the results. Even if you're not casting a shadow over the meter obviously, you are still going to effect the results a lot by blocking light from reflecting off the tent and itself

  10. stupid and misleading… yes you are measuring PAR but what is the spectral distribution for each given bulb.  If all we care about is PAR then all light would be red. Your test is only valid if the spectral distribution for each bulb is the same which it is not.

  11. My concern is you guys seems to be the only guys selling this buld at this time and we have no clue of the reliability of these bulbs. Hell I would use them exclusively if they are only a little under Hortilux in the PAR readings but actually higher in lumens. I am a skeptic of cheap bulbs when it is such an important part of a grow. The last thing I want to do is have bulbs start failing in the middle of a grow due to being cheap Chinese junk and then just spending the money for the old tried and True Hortilux and realizing I just threw my money to n the toilet.

    I think I will have to wait for feed back from folks who take the chance on these bulbs before I invest in them

  12. It says Digilux has a 1016 average rating over the 1010 by Ushio? Also, you guys exclusively sell yieldlab so it makes it a biased test. Sending a request to Monster GArdens to see if they will test your bulb and're bulb is made in China..


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