Baby-Leaf Lettuce (& Turnip Greens)

Baby-Leaf Lettuce (& Turnip Greens)

Started off with an attempt to grow lettuce microgreens. It quickly turned into the grow’s value being a baby-leaf instead. I am also trying to grow turnip greens much more quickly than growing them to adulthood. I consider these two grows a failure in that the end product seemed undesirable due to the rotted paper towel. Other than that, these baby leafs are awesome. The amount in weight is worth the wait and consecutive planting sure seems viable.


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  1. The paper towel works great if you bottom water less & spray water more, it seems to harvest cleaner. I like your screen media idea, think I’ll be using that instead of bought media pads, it’s a lot cheaper. Thanks, Shalom!

  2. I recently tried my hand at microgreens. I did mesclun and flax seed on soil and paper towels. Like you, I wasn't sure how long to keep them or how long to let them grow. They were thickly planted, but I didn't use much of it. I will try again though, and see if I can get a more even yield. I don't think I left them in the dark enough, esp my flax. Half of them were stuck to themselves. Practice makes perfect, I guess! 🙂 Great vid!

  3. I think if you put a tray on top of the seeds, instead of the cover over the top of tray. when the seeds grow they will be stronger stems because they will try to push the tray up. that is why I stack all my trays on each other. peas then sunflower then smaller seeds. on top an empty tray with the weights.
    I tried with single layer of paper towels, the only thing that did well was peas.

  4. Try letting the lettuce go for 4 or5 days more and top it with scissors. See if it regrows the leaves.
    That and the cut part would be great for a work farm or given to the chickens.

  5. Just did rounds of sprouts. Came out terrific. Started micro greens last week (one flat) came out bad. Now, have to sit back, relax a day or two and run my brain to see what I did wrong. Will try it again(differently of course!) and see what happens. Thanks for the video. Might wait and see how that screen works.

  6. I love what you said at the end 😊.. easy to do but yes everyday they need some sort of action to direct the outcome! Im keen to try some turnip. Thanks for the inspiration. I also respect how long it takes to make a vid such as. Thanks Brent 🌱

  7. Great video and we learn from our mistakes for sure , im thinking the screen idea will have better results and you can probably dry the screen out after you harvest the greens and the roots may just fall off with a soft brushing of the screen. good luck brother and as always Keep Building .

  8. Hi Brent, Could you do cut and come again on micro greens? Will you be doing an in ground garden this year? Might be interesting comparing hydro vs dirt on vegies like corn or squash.  Cheers,          Bill

  9. I am really looking forward to see how your screen works for you. I was surprised about the paper towel molding like it did and It's a shame you couldn't eat it but at least now you know. It's fun trying different things just to see "what if"👍

  10. Nice video Brent. I have done a little work with micro greens but have a ways to go. I have seen microgreen farmers put a weight on the board as it sits directly on the soil. The weight they say helps in forcing the seeds to sprout. I never tried it but just a pass on




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