Awesome $600 Greenhouse – Part 5 (Final Video)

Awesome $600 Greenhouse - Part 5 (Final Video)

In this final installment of the greenhouse build, I add bug netting, cover it with plastic, build the door, fabricate roll-up mechanisms, and install the auto-opening vent. The addition of plastic removed almost all play it had. With the walls rolled down, the temperature is almost unbearable at 80 degrees outside. I’ll get a thermometer in there for more specifics later. With the sides rolled up, it’s almost the same temperature as outside, but there’s a small level of shading and hardly any wind. I am a happy camper on this EMT greenhouse build. Now, for the greenhouse grow adventures!

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  1. Hi Brent, you made emt look doable for me. I want to make a mini greenhouse but was considering pvc since I'm constantly doing things alone too and pvc doesn't seem as intimidating to me. Thanks for a great series and I like that you're "not an expert" to me that means you do things just as well without the hype, lingo or expensive and sometimes unnecessary tools. Thanks again.

  2. Nice job, but I'm very curious as to how your greenhouse stands up to strong winds, since it does not look like you provided very much security when putting in the footings (diameter of tubing and depth the tubing was hammered into the ground, no concreting of the corner posts)? Thanks.

  3. what are the winter temps like with only one plastic layer? I'm thinking about starting an aquaponics system and temperature is important.

  4. Excellent video series. I had planned to do this for two years, but couldn't find anything on here like I had envisioned. This is about as close to my idea as you can get. I might have a few questions along the way……

  5. Brent: Well thought out and well built. Did the vent work ok with the weight and travel of the end vent. My old one has gotten tired and I need one better than the one I have. Bernard

  6. Well Buddy,  you did one heck of a job! Love it! I also can't wait to see what you do with it next. Now is the time to "take your time" so that whatever you do, you do it right the FIRST time around. Saves on redoing things later. This is going to be for the long haul, so think things through before you do anything. You have one perfect greenhouse, that's for sure. I really love how you made the door nice and wide. You won't be fighting to get things into and out of it with that door. Smart move. Thanks for a great video, enjoyed it a lot. Tried to like it, but it says it's disabled. Thumbs up!


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