Aged Rice Hulls: My Hydroponic Medium

Aged Rice Hulls:  My Hydroponic Medium

This is part of a series where I show how I’m prepping for the Summer growing season which follows my Spring growing season. I use these aged rice hulls in all of my hydroponic growing as well as the main garden to add aeration and tilth.

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  1. Very cool Brent! So I'm watching away and it kinda hits me, those rice hulls are similar to biochar, in that they have a large surface area for nutrients, bacteria and fungus to hang out in. Biochar is a detriment if not charged before use. I found that vid very interesting!! They obviously work for you:))

  2. I didn't like the narrator, I like your voice better.
    Another suggestion: make the text part shorter and include it in some video footage. Put the full facts (or a link) in the description for people who are interested.
    Although I am interested, I would prefer to read such lengthy texts myself. The way it was in this video I had to stop reading to let the narrator catch up.

    I think the difference between aged and composted is that they put in manure etc in the composted stuff (at least that's what the author means).

    (The intention of this comment is to give helpful advice, but I'm not a native speaker so excuse me if that's not what it sounds like.)

  3. Wow, when you say in bulk, you mean in bulk, lol. That stuff sure looks like good rich soil until you get up close. You've proven that it works great for what you're using it for!

  4. Good evening mate !
    Bulk is best 😉…
    When I was meat chicken farmer we used Hulls as litter . Its absorbant and amazing !
    Who's shoveling all that ? …lol. I bet you got a tractor and bucket ? .. my back is tingling for you in sympathy 😎

  5. Never seen this before Brent, man that stuff must be the "BOMB" so wish I could get me some of that for my compost blends. You can also create an awesome Biochar with it,,,saw that done in the Philippines.
    Got me frothing at the gills now hehehe.
    All the best from Australia
    Marty Ware

  6. Rice fields are sprayed with a lot of broadleaf herbicides and pesticides during the growing season. I hope these have aged enough that maybe all that stuff is gone out the hulls.

  7. That's allot of fargin riceholes my goodness. I would love to get my hands on some of that and see how it does in aquaponics one of these days. I hate perlite and perlite dust and I hate buying hydroton. The computer voice sounds just like you lol Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍


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