Aerated Water Culture (DWC) in Winter Grow Room

Aerated Water Culture (DWC) in Winter Grow Room

For my Winter 2019/2020, I want to grow hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and more. This year, I’m going to try an aerated water culture commonly referred to as deep water culture (DWC). Were it not aerated, it would be commonly referred to as Kratky. I personally believe that injected oxygen provides an improved grow. In this video, I assemble the entire grow bed. I hope you enjoy the video. Please, like, comment, and subscribe!

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  1. Hi Brent I'm in the process of building a grow tower , Where do you live in Arkansas I'm in Cabot , just wondering if you'r close by .

  2. Hey Brent, like that you are always creating. The "How I Do It" and NOT "How To" really resonated with me. That is all I can offer to others with advice too. The exoskeleton wood frame and easy to work with extruded foam and plastic liner are a very interesting idea. I have the 45 lpm version of that air pump style that has worked with buckets in my greenhouse. I am amazed how much aeration you are getting off the pvc piping in your larger tank. Genius idea to inject the warm air. Not sure about the back pressure having no place to go when reducing air flow. Just a little jealous to see your drain and fill simplification too.

  3. Such a fantastic design! I love seeing all the things you come up with, you're fabulous. Thank you for giving my husband another project to do for me 😂😂

  4. Excellent set up, i like it. FYI, a simple way to cut down on the Air Pump decibels is adding a length of hose to the Pump air inlet. I have used that same pump for years, its awesome but can get annoying if its in your living area.

  5. We had already discussed the border issues. 😉 Good build but you may find over time the pushing bottom weight will start to push or bow the bottom also. Now that your built is together it is harder to re-reinforce the sides but a treated 2×4 laying flat and wide with screws from thinner bottom rail should stop this from bowing out being wide and at 90 degrees from the thinner board. I was also concerned with the membrane used, being in the eaves trough section it might not be good because of leaching, you want to use food grade liner to be safe. Id hate to see you get sick from the leaching effect. Not trying to pick at this idea at all just want to make sure you are safe brother. As you said we just have a border line, We are All North Americans in one form or another. Be safe, Oh yes the air holes could have been 1/16 with ones pointed up between the existing. Myself I have aquaponics plans once we sell here, everyone should get back to growing their own food cause the corporate grocery stores are poisoning Us All. Peace Out

  6. Brent, I was just thinking of lining Styrofoam along a troff (for insulation) then lining it w/ 6 ml. plastic. Just to use as a wicking bed for potted plants. So neat you were doing very much the same. I literally have the drawings right in front of me! LOL Only mine will be for Summer. I always keep a notebook at the ready for new ideas. I loved seeing your vision come to life! So inspirational. YAY Winter Grow Room.




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