A New Melon I'm Developing

A New Melon I'm Developing

In this video, I display my phenotype (looks) of the melon I’m developing. It will take 3 to 4 more generations to be a new variety, but I’m quite certain I can keep this shape and taste or very close. The fruit that went into the development of this melon is primarily the Ambrosia melon with a melon my Uncle Don grows that is likely a version of a Canary melon. There is also potential input from the Crane, Tarpeta, Bidwell, and Kirkland melons because I grew all of these the first year. The second year, I added more Ambrosia and Uncle Don’s melon to get more influence in the crosses from those two. This melon is already tightening up in the taste profile even with some variation in the overall looks. Excited on creating a new variety of my own!

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  1. Brent, some feedback from last years advice.. You gave me some very helpful and fulsome advice on how to grow tomatoes with the plant supported in bubbling water, full of nutrient. I set up a dust bin ( you say garbage can I think) with an aquarium pump and soluble fertiliser plus additives such as calcium and Epsom salts. I sat my pot about 1/3 into the solution. I had a control plant in a pot next to the new system. The results and differences are amazing. The variety is Black Cherry. The stem is twice as thick as the control, and the growth is so vigorous I allowed a second branch to grow. In total my plant has 8m of main stem as opposed to 3m on the control. I have over 20 trusses with many more to come. I live in Cyprus so the climate helps. This winter I aim to construct a new system to replicate this years results. Thank you for your time and innovation. A grateful gardener. Glyn

  2. Mmmmmelons! Well it sounds just awful. LOL My favorite lunch on a hot sunny day is Smoked Sliced Provalone Cheese and Honeydew Melon. So refreshing and satisfying. Nice to see your "no weed Garden" so full of life! Your wife just has to follow the sticky mess to find you when she gets home! But she will forgive you when you give her the other melon you saved for her. Good plan! Fingers crossed, I should have a better harvest this year.. I have a Beefsteak Tomato plant that already has 15 tomatoes on it and more flowers everywhere! I'm saving that seed! Glad you are harvesting well! Peace!

  3. Brent, I always learn something when I watch your channel. For what it's worth, about 20 years ago I had a very small melon patch where i just threw out a bunch of seeds. There were squash and cantaloupe and some others. Well when they grew there was something that looked a lot like a banana squash, but not quite. I took it inside and cut it open to find the inside looked and tasted very much like a cantaloupe. I never did follow up on it, but watching this…… that incident came back to me from the cobwebs of my mind. Banana – cantaloupe? Should I try again?

  4. Look at the melons on Brent! Lol Hey we bought a farm, moving two hours north , once established I will be ordering your screens and literature for microgreen heaven. Cheers Bro and Peace Out


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Free Financial Modelling during our Monthly COURSES!