7 Days on a Pool Noodle / No Fuss Pak Choy / Easy DIY Hydroponics

7 Days on a Pool Noodle / No Fuss Pak Choy / Easy DIY Hydroponics

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This video is just a quick update on the wall of Pak Choy that we planted. It is going great, can’t wait to show you guys more as it continues to grow. No fuss hydroponic gardening.

Peace and love, share with someone who needs this. Let’s change the world one baby step at a time!

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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! Question, how do you deal with all the veggie scraps? Do you compost then use as tea for plant water?

  2. I'm growing the microgreens in the dollartree tubs and take some of the little plants to put into the downspout units. They work great. One thing I wonder about is our bok choy looks different than your bok choy. I guess it is just a different seed.

    Thanks for your efforts. They are awesome!

  3. Mike, how do you deal with stagnant water in this system in warm weather?
    I tried the other day to do a gallon jug and the seedlings died in December indoors. kracky never worked for me. Thanks for your response.

  4. Hi Mike , amazing and helpful content!! Thank you!!
    Quick question: I can't find masterblend fertilizer in my area is there a problem using any other hydroponic fertilizer? Have you tried it?
    I'm in Montreal ..Canada.
    Planning to grow my greens under T5.

  5. Hi Mike,,I finally got here "YEH" love the set and forget method,,,great time saver. My Winter Water Spinach didn't really do well, we had too many cold nights. If they were under lights would of survived,,,just about to put some new seedlings in soon.
    Great to see your still growing.
    Warm Regards from Australia
    Marty Ware

  6. Hey Mike! Where did you get those plastic boxes that you are growing your kangkong in? Not the marble ones, but the plastic ones? Thanks bud. Keep up the good work!:)

  7. hey mike thanks for the awsome upload. the pvc pipes u use in ur wall can u pls tell how deep they are . im just trying to size up some pvc pipes now but square ones come in one size.

  8. Good morning Mike !!
    Another great positive and inspiring video to watch with my coffee 👍..
    You must be excited to feel some cooler weather soon.. we are getting a taste of what summer will bring lately too. I'm not overly excited about
    I really enjoy kratky growing now..
    I thank YOU for that 😎👍🌿

  9. all right brother here's one for you I'm a long-haul truck driver I've been diagnosed with celiac disease I tried doing Sprouts in the truck. no go you have any ideas I can try

  10. How do you seal the ends of your downspouts? The video doesn’t show the downspout ends. Did cutting the downspout ends at angles make it any easier to seal them?

    What is the diameter of the holes in the downspouts? Did you use a hole saw bit and a drill to make the holes? I drill holes in black plastic flat bin containers, labeled 10 gallons sold at Walmart. I drill 9 three inch hole per bin. Each bin actually holds 5 gallons of the Masterblend / Calcium Nitrate / Epsom Salt 3 part nutrient mix in 5 gallon batches. The center pilot holes are drilled in forward motion, the 3 inch holes in reverse motion, to drill clean holes every time.

    I use Root Riots, clay pebbles, and 3 inch net pots for each plant. I mix the dry 3 part mix to reverse osmosis cleaned water and then set the pH to 6.0.


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